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10 Awesome Spy Apps for the iPhone

Mobile phones have gone from an accessory to a necessity over the years and with the advent of the smartphone, telecommunication will never be the same again. Take for example the applications that are available to smartphones Mobile phone applications have changed the way we use phones as they range from apps that are useful to apps that are just for fun. An example of these applications would be spy apps for the iPhone.

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Spy apps are basically programs that the iPhone utilizes to conduct espionage-like work. Some of these apps are designed to be useful while others are for plain old fun.

Secret Messages

These spy apps are essentially for the iPhone user to send encoded messages to his friends. One of these is Spy Gizmos. The app encodes your message and then sends it to your friends. Once received, the recipient will use the same app to decode the message and see what was really written.

Another spy app is the Self-destructing Message. In this app, the user sends a message with a timer. The recipient then has that amount of time to read the message before the message, as the app name implies, self-destructs.


GPS Location Tracker is a spy app that lets you track where iPhone has been on the map. The user has to register an account however to be able to use the app. The iPhone’s ‘location’ setting must also be turned on for the app to properly work. This is particularly useful when you’ve lost your iPhone as you can see where it might be.

Secret Audio Recorders

In this category of spy apps, the apps enable the iPhone user to conduct secret recordings. Basically, these apps do the same thing but each has their own special feature. Spy Recorder for example enables the user to start recording when he reaches a predetermined location.

Another app; Secret Voice, lets the user discreetly record audio while the app makes it look like he is browsing a random web page. This way, nobody would know that you are actually recording audio. Just like a real spy.

The last of these audio recording apps is Night Recorder. This app has two recording modes; more and unique. More mode is a mode that lets the iPhone record when there is a loud enough sound detected. The Unique mode is a mode that turns the recording on regardless of whether there is a loud enough sound or not.

Secret Cameras

These apps utilize cameras whether they be the iPhone’s or a security camera. An example of the app utilizing the iPhone camera is the Secret Spy Camera Pro. This app lets the user take videos and photos discreetly, enabling stolen shots and video.

This app; Secret Camera is also a photo taking app but removes the shutter sound and the preview feature. But if the user wants a look at the photo he just stole, he can opt to use ‘Spy Mode’ which shows the preview as a little thumbnail while the rest of the screen looks like a web browser.

The next app is not a photo taking app but rather a camera viewing app. Spy Cams lets the user view the feed from various cameras all over the world. It even lets you tag a camera as a favourite if the particular camera is interesting.

The last spy app also utilizes cameras from around the world for your viewing or spying pleasure. Camster 2 is similar to Spy Cams but the access is limited to public cameras. Nevertheless it still lets you favourite a camera like Spy Cams so that you can look back on it later.

Have fun!

Whichever app you choose, these spy apps lets you experience what a typical James Bond spy is all about; except for the shooting and the running and the beating of the bad guy. But it’s easier if we all just stick to the iPhone for our spying action.

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