Published On: Tue, Oct 23rd, 2012

12 Best Tips to boost performance of Android Phones

Maintaining battery life on your smart phone is a tough task given the extent of usage nowadays. There are many games and apps running on your phone to drain its battery. So you must follow some tips to increase the performance and speed of your Android phone. Then only, you can enjoy games and apps on your smart phone in a better way.

12 Best Tips to boost performance of Android Phones

Get Latest update of your firmware

  • Update your Android smart phone to the latest version of operating system. Ensure that you are using latest firmware. Each and every update to the firmware will have updates from Google to improve the performance of your android phone.

Kill Background Applications

  • Get some Task Manager apps from Google Play Store or erstwhile Android market. ES Task Manager is one of the best ones. This will enable you to kill all those processes which are not much useful. This tip will also be helpful in saving the battery.

Root to Overclock

  • There are apps to over clock or under clock the processor of your Android device. Over Clock Widget, SetCPU, etc are available on the android market or Google Play Store for this purpose. For using these apps, you need to root your phone.

Turn Off Synchronization

  • When you don’t need synchronization, it is better to keep it turned off. It wastes the CPU cycles when it is turned on, because it will try to synchronize your email, contacts, calendar, etc. You need to turn it on, only when you have added some new contacts or updated the calendar or done any other task related to this aspect.

Limit no of Homescreen Widget

  • Limit the home screen to not more than three. Also, use minimal number of widgets on the home screen. These widgets are nothing but applications running in the background.

Un-install unusual apps

  • When you don’t actually use any Android app, it is better to uninstall the same. They will not only consume the memory on your phone, but might slow down the performance of your phone because they might get turned on, in the background.

Minimal use of Live Wallpapers

  • One of the most important things to remember is, not to use Live Wallpapers. Such wallpapers will consume most of the CPU and battery. When you uninstall such wallpapers, you can surely find drastic improvement in the performance of your Android phone and its battery.

Turn Off Connectivity

  • When you are not using connectivity features, turn them off. Wi-Fi, data services, GPS eat much CPU cycles and battery. Hence they are to be turned off, when not in use.

Reduce Brightness

  • Reduce the brightness of your screen. Keep it in the minimal levels which can barely enable you to read the text. This can show much difference in saving the battery.

Turn Off Animations

  • Animations are to be turned off on your phone, when you are really interested to improve the speed of your phone. It will be present in the settings section.

Shut Vibration feature

  • When you are not using the vibration feature, it is better to keep it turned off. It really consumes three to four times of the battery compared to ringtone.

Flash with CyanogenMod

  • Check if your Android phone is compatible with CyanogenMod and flash it.
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