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How to / Tips to Auto Upload Photos / Videos to Dropbox from Android

If you have, an addiction for clicking pictures from your Android and tired of manual transfers to PC or web.  We are about to discuss Dropbox which is one of the best options to secure your picture and videos over cloud. The good thing is that once you upload the content it will remain there forever.  We recommend DropSnap Android application to our readers. Below are few features of this cool app, have a look:  

About dropbox and dropsnap:

Dropbox is an online service free storage for images and videos for sharing and downloading as and when required by the user. You will need to create to get login credentials by visiting the official website.  

Now, let us talk about DropSnap app, which works as a bridge between android-Smartphone and Dropbox. With the help of this application, you can automatically upload photos and videos over your phone to the dropbox-service.  All you need is to sync with Dropbox, enjoy the share, and upload.


Officially, this App sync only pictures, but it supports various other formats.  You can also enable or disable syncing as per your requirements.  

Setting up Auto Upload Photos & Videos to Dropbox                                                  

Follow the simple instructions to auto-upload images to the Dropbox.

  • You need to download and install Dropbox on your android-Smartphone.
  • Run the application, it will ask you for valid login details. (Make sure you have created an account beforehand and verified that by visiting the link embedded in the verification-mail). Few users might mace problem in entering the special characters in password so choose characters supported on your android.
  • After that, you will be shown the front interface of DropSnap. It will show four options – Manage Rules, Purchase, settings and help.

  • On the main interface, you will have to click on Settings where you just need to verify your settings. It will include the option to set sync interval, which should be chosen as per your requirements.

  • Now, you are done and dropsnap will handle the task itself. 

  • Now whenever you click or transfer a picture to your phone it will be transferred automatically after the time interval you provided in the settings.
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