Published On: Mon, Feb 20th, 2012

Best 4 Android 2012 Features

Android in 2012: What’s Next

Google Android rocks the global mobile market. Set in motion five years back, Android has almost dominated the global smartphone market. It is on way to conquer the tablet market as well, which is currently under iPad’s reign. What will be the future of Android in 2012? Of course, this year is to witness a rekindled battle in mobile operating system market. With the projected launches of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, the mobile market may have a new turn this year.

Will it really encroach on Android’s pastures anyway? There is less chance, believe most of commentators. The year has started for Android with the release of a highly powerful and unified version, called the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The best ever Android upgrade for both tablets and smartphones will help Android pierce its roots further into the soil. Let us have check of whatever new things we can rightly expect with Android this year.

More voice features

Google has to fight Apple Siri primarily. Siri personal assistant app has been making such a buzz out in market. Indeed, the Ice Cream Sandwich has an instant speech to text capability. But never it challenges the glamorous Siri, which is now not just a voice recognition app. Of course, we can expect Google working for a full-fledged voice app for Android.

More camera features

Fresh smartphones are coming up with high quality cameras. Things are like that in some years we won’t require separate digital cameras for high quality snaps. As per reports, the next upgrades to Galaxy S and iPhone are to come with cameras that feature over 12-megapixel+ sensors. Certainly, it will lead Google to add more to Android’s camera capability. The firmware has been lagging in camera department for sometime. But Ice Cream Sandwich brought us updates like zero lag snapshots and panoramic images. The new versions should offer advanced face detection and other features.

More devices

The catalog of Android products is growing up explosively. Tech makers from various parts of the globe show an increased interest in developing products with Android. Absolutely, the momentum will hang about and more products will be up on Android platform in coming months.

More rich apps

Android Market is still a distant runner up to Apple’s App Store when it comes to the quantity of apps. Google should expand its open source-based app store platform with more third party developers and apps.

As per the trends from global markets, Android will carry on its procession. Over the years, it could extremely defend the challenge from Apple iOS and as a result it has gained momentous domination in smartphone market. There is honestly no chance that new versions of the already meekly performing Windows Phone can harm Android in near future. 

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