Published On: Thu, May 24th, 2012

Android Vs iPhones iOS – Why Android is a Better OS ? Top 5 Reasons

With hundreds of cell phones available on numerous different operating systems and all offering customers different functions and call plans, choosing between them is already a difficult process. When many go to the stores to choose their next cell, they have narrowed their choices down somewhat to the iPhone or a cell running the Android operating system

Why Android is a Better OS than iPhone OS ? Top 5 Reasons
  • The Android operating system is available on a wide variety of cell phones, where as iOS – the Apple version – is limited to the various generations of the iPhone, including the latest model the 4S.
  • Cells running the Android OS are much more widely available across a variety of carriers and manufacturers, meaning that customers can buy T-Mobile android phones, HTC android phones and so on. Besides this, there are plenty of other reasons why the android phones give customers more than iOS.
  • Market freedom – the ‘Android Market’, Google’s mobile store allows customers to download apps in a much more “open” way in comparison to the App Store. Many customers feel that this approach allows potentially dangerous malware through the filters, but others think that the approach works itself out by allowing users to be much more interactive within the market.
  • It’s who you know – Android’s integration with Google means that all users can benefit from the built-in Gmail app, as well as other features from the search giant including maps. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time online, then the almost immediate access to Google is something that would be highly beneficial to you and makes it stand out from iOS which, while being a very good Internet phone, doesn’t offer quite the same package.
  • Customise your look – Android is a significantly more flexible OS. Users have the ability to make adjustments to their experience and modifications can be made quickly and easily. Android OS even offers a set of apps known as “launchers” which means that the user can completely modify their phone making it entirely different from every other cell out there.
Ultimately the choice is down to the user and what they’re happiest using. If you’re someone who enjoys using one particular brand or package, then you’re more likely to stick with it until something goes wrong. 

Many iPhone users have switched to Android OS cells because of performance problems, while not many go the opposite way – there must be a reason for that!
What do you Like most Android or Apple ?

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