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Download Top Best 10 Android apps for 2013

Android phones have become very popular in today’s world. It is generally based on a Linux operating system normally for touch screen devices such as tablet computers and smart phones. However, for this mobile devices often integrate different mobile apps to work effectively. Here are the 10 best must apps for 2013.

Best 10 Android apps for 2013

Zappos App 

Zappos is one of the best mobile apps for Androids. It is an online apparel and shoe shop. They offer their customers with great benefits such as free shipping for the purchases made. Also, they provide their customers with free upgrades.
Version – 2.7.0
Requirement – Android 2.2 +
Avg Rating – 4.5
Download Zappos

Evernote App

Evernote is a well rated Android app. It is often used for digital note taking. It is among the great mobile apps present. It is designed for archiving as well as note taking. It is a favorite among many for all storing all their notes and documents. Actually, it has most of the aspects of a quality bookmark service. It allows searching bookmarks, sending and even tagging. It leads to a paperless life. Editor’s choice app on Google play.
Version – 4.4.2
Requirement – Android 1.6 +
Avg Rating – 4.6
Download Evernote

Pinterest App

Pinterest’s app for Android is social bookmarking service. Generally, the Pinterest app makes it possible and quick to pin. It is present on the Facebook and it is editor’s choice collection on Google Play.
Version – 1.2.2
Requirement – Android 2.2 +
Avg Rating – 4.7
Download Pinterest

Grimm’s Snow White App

The Grimm’s Snow White mobile app for Android is a great interactive storybook for the kids. The fairy tale is often well executed and simple.
Version – 1.0.2
Requirement – Android 2.2 +
Avg Rating – 4.3
Download Grimm’s snow white

Pocket App

Pocket Android app is an offline reader. It is full of features that generally help the user to read an interesting article later. The developers constantly add fresh capabilities such as the site subscription that allows an individual to save article including those on the paid sites.
Version – 4.3.4
Requirement – Android 2.2 +
Avg Rating – 4.6
Download Pocket

Visualead App

Visualead is the other prominent app for Android. It is a visual QR code generator that often makes the QR codes extra efficient by the directly and faultlessly merging them with various designs leading to the users’ attraction and increased engagement. With this app an individual can easily integrate QR codes into various images. It is such a fantastic mobile app for Android.
Visit site.


Ancestry is the other mobile app for Android that assists one to his roots from an Android device directly. The app has been currently updated allowing its users to build a new family tree or interact with Ancestry family trees.
Version – 2.0.194
Requirement – Android 2.1 +
Avg Rating – 4.1
Download Ancestry

Fancy App

Fancy is the other great mobile app for Android. It often challenges us to think out of the box in the case of e-commerce apps. It is changes how we discover and buy things that we desire or like.
Version – 2.8.1
Requirement – Android 2.2 +
Avg Rating – 4.4
Download Fancy

Mint App

Mint app is greatly changes the way individuals view their personal finance. It aids its users to have ultimate control of their personal finances. It is one of the best free ways to manage, budget and track your money. Editor’s choice app on Google play.
Version – 2.6.1
Requirement – Android 2.2 +
Avg Rating – 4.0
Download Fancy

Expedia Expedia Hotels & Flights App

The Expedia app is used for the travel searching usually on Android. It is a great app that usually provides a useful and detailed experience of travel searching. The users prefer it since it reveals all the details you ask concerning about the travel experiences. Editor’s choice app on Play store.
Version – 2.0.1
Requirement – Android 2.2 +
Avg Rating – 4.0
Download Expedia

Enjoy download top 10 most productive apps of 2013 on your android phone.

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