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Download Install Facebook Home Version 1.0 Apk on any Android Phone

Well finally Facebook Home has been released for android phones in Google Play Store. As mentioned earlier Facebook Home is officially available for only some phone including HTC One X, HTC One X+, Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 in US region only. So you can’t install it if you have any other phone.

Facebook Home Apk

If you have any other device, rather than above mentioned device you will see an error like this whenever you use Facebook Home.

Download Install Facebook Home Apk on any Android Phone

Download Facebook Home Apk

If you own an android phone among HTC One X, HTC One X+, Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 and probably from US region then you must have got the notification to download the official Facebook Home App form Google Play Store. If you haven’t got it yet, download from below link. Requirement is above Android 4.0+ version.
Google Play Link

If you don’t have the above listed devices, then now we will tell you how to Install Facebook Home Version 1.0 Apk on any Android Phone.

Install Facebook Home Version 1.0 Apk on any Android Phone

Rooted Android Phone needed. As wee need to un-install the the pre-installed Facebook and Facebook Messenger app. You may need Root to uninstall pre stock Facebook apps. Proceed at your own risk. Rooting voids warranty. If you install apk without root, you won’t be able to use app as it is pre-signed already.

Download Facebook Home Apk / Facebook Messenger App / Facebook App ( Below apks are patched / pre-signed so are safe, still install at your own risk)

We need to have latest versions of Facebook App and Facebook Messenger app which were updated on 12th April’12

Facebook Home only
md5 818fca023e24f21b6eeb69ad5e3391c5
Facebook Home and Faceboo App
FB_HOME.rar I 13.39 MB
MD5 Sum: 0e3a4b48edc5b84136ffbd9da36c3d93
Facebook Messenger App
com.facebook.orca.apk I 10.21 MB
MD5 Sum: 871017943f97dd08c79acbe327da78be
  • Download all above 3 files on your phone/PC.
  • Now extract the FB_HOME.rar  file and install com.facebook.katana app – Facebook App and com.facebook.home – Facebook Home app on your phone.
install facebook home apk on xperia s
  • After installing above install com.facebook.orca.apk – Facebook Messenger app on your phone.
  • Now open main Facebook app and go to settings, you will see option of “Facebook Home Settings” under “Notification Settings”. Check the Mark saying “Enable Facebook Home”
install Facebook Home Version 1.0 Apk on any Android Phone
Now you are done. Facebook Home app has been successfully installed on your phone. Press home button and you will be prompt to choose which launcher to use as Home.

Install Facebook Home Version 1.0 Apk  Manually 

If the above described method doesn’t work for you then you can also try the below method after downloading above 3 files.
Use below method if app doesn’t install like a normal apk on your phone.
  • Your device must be rooted before proceeding. Download the apk from above link and install it like normal apk on your phone.
  • By editing build.prop we will proceed. Whatever file manager you are using, we are using  ”Solid Explorer”, now navigate to /system/ and open the file build.prop.
  • Now we will Edit the build.prop file. Go to ro.product.model= and ro.product.brand= and now we will put the  of any other high end Xperia device like Xperia Z which is Product Model = Galaxy Note 2= GT-N7100 and Product Brand = Samsung, so it should be like now ro.product.model=GT-N7100 and ro.product.brand=Samsung
  • Now reboot your phone and you can start using this app. After rebooting you can change the values again back to your phone’s default value.
You are done installing Facebook Home on any android phone, We tried it installing on our Xperia SL LT26ii.
Facebook Home takes around 280 KB of memory as we installed it on our Xperia SL LT26ii. Check screenshot below.
facebook home apk info
Facebook Home App – Not available in India yet

When tried through India, Facebook Home app is not available yet. So if you want to access it better use proxy IP of US. Check the error of “device not compatible” when accessed through India.

Do let us know if you face any issues in downloading and installing Facebook Home Version 1.0 Apk on any Android Phone, we will gladly help you. All comments are appreciated.

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