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Download Top 5 Health Apps for Android Phone of 2013

We know the importance of exercises. However, there comes a phase when due to lack of motivation we end up preventing ourselves from doing them. The situation usually arises when due to lack of android apps we are unable to have a track on the various things in the form of calorie as well as consumption.

Top 5 Health Apps for Android Phone of 2013

However, the following article will give you the biggest form of joy and enthusiasm as it will let you stay healthy and fit for ever, thanks to the top 5 health apps for android. Hence, it won’t be an exaggeration to say, that you can actually make such apps as a personal trainer of yours too.

IQ Test


It is important to have a healthy mind for a healthy body. IQ test app offers the perfect solution by sharpening your mind. Hence, you can work wonders with your mind by taking decisions in a quick and convincing manner as well. The best thing is that you do not have to spend even a single penny towards enhancing your sharpness. Thus, you can ensure a healthy mind for ever as well.
Version – 3.0
Android – 1.6+
Ratings – 4.3

Daily Yoga

daily+yogaAre you fed up of the excessive bulge on your tummy? If yes, then do not worry at all. The app is able to give you an insight about the detailed exercises which you can exercise on daily basis. They have their own levels along with durations. In order to give you a soothing experience, the music runs on background as well. Thus, you will attain a healthy phase in your life in the easiest possible manner. Now, you can be fit and fine like never before as well. Great, isn’t it?

Version – 3.4
Android – 2.1+
Ratings – 4.4

Instant health rate

instant+heart+rateInstant health rate is a sophisticated Android app which will literally make your Smartphone “A heart rate monitor”. Being a highly effective and accurate app, you will be able to keep a check on your heart pulse.

Version – 2.5.7
Android – 2.1+
Ratings – 4.3

iTrage Health

iTriage+HealthEver wondered that an app can be used to know about the doctor or it can actually act as a medical dictionary tool along with ascertaining the exact symptoms? Surprised? Well, you should not be. Since, thanks to iTriage Health, you are going to get the detailed access about the app which stands out to be of enormous use to you. Now, searching as well as learning about the potential causes can actually ease your sufferings by letting you to get in touch with the doctor who can cure you. Thereby, you will wear endless smiles as well. Isn’t it?

Version – 4.80
Android – 2.1+
Ratings – 4.5

Garmin Fit


Do you want to keep a track of the calories which you have burned down while walking, running or cycling? If yes, then use this app. What’s more worth mentioning is the soundtrack support which will make the whole event quite enjoyable as well.

Version – 1.7
Android – 2.1+
Ratings – 3.5

Finally, after reading the aforesaid article, you are able to know the Top 5 health apps for Android.

This article is written by Raj Kumar. A tech geek, His Passion for Health apps concern is appreciated. Needless to say, that attaining a healthy body is indeed quite easy and fun like never before.

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