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Contactive – App Review – Best Free Caller ID App for android phones

Do you often get unknown calls from various numbers which are not in your contact list. Ever wanted to know that who is the person behind those calls, if yes now you have a solution called Contactive Free Caller ID App. It’s a very simple solution to all your problems. So what does Contactive Free Caller ID App does and how this is a bazooka over other available Contact Id apps. Contactive Free Caller ID App simply access all the information from social networking accounts regarding the number from where call has been made and it displays on your scree.

To use this app it’s obvious you need to connect your social networking accounts with it, so when a person call you and if he or she is in your contact list, it will display the info like photo of caller, name, last time when was call made. So it’s simple it is just accessing all the info stored on social networking accounts regarding that number.

It means if a number which has been linked to some social networking account somewhere and if call has been made by that number it will show you the info on your call screen even if that number is not in your contact list. Now let’s get started with this amazing app.

Getting started with Contactive Free Caller ID App

  • Download Contactive Free Caller ID App from Google Play. Install the app.
  • To start using the app, either you can log in via Facebook or just sign up manually using email id. As soon as you register, let’s use the app now.
  • CONNECT ACCOUNTS – As soon as you finished registering, it asks you to connect your various social networking accounts so that your contacts can be updated with details. Available options are phone, email, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google. Connect your accounts and get started.
  • INVITE FRIENDS – Moving ahead you can also invite your friends to try Contactive Free Caller ID App either by sending SMS or an Email and if you don’t want to just skip this part
  • SYNCHRONIZING CONTACT – All your contacts within your added social networking accounts will be synchronized and your contact  address book will be updated.
  • OPTIONS AVAILABLE – You got 5 options at the bottom try of the Contactive Free Caller ID App like “contacts – where all your contact list will be available”, “quick call – to call the persons whom you called recently”, “lists – where you can create your favorite groups to contact people”, “updates – you need to connect as much possible social accounts to get updates”, “keypad – you can directly call anyone from here by dialing his/her number. Keypad is very much similar to ICS keypads available in Xperia phones.

Contactive Free Caller ID App Memory Details

Contactive Free Caller ID App runs on version 1.2.3 now with taking 6.61 MB space in your phone’s memory. It’s a very light app, though it built a cache space of 15 MB in 2 minutes of installing the app which shouldn’t be there. Check screenshot below.

Contactive Free Caller ID App Memory Details

PROS of Contactive Free Caller ID App

  • It works exactly similar like your phone’s stock caller app. All options like “adding contacts, dialing numbers, seeing contact” are there so you can use it as an alternative to your original stock caller app or you can just replace it.
  • Gives you all information regarding the unknown or known number calling to you.
  • Access the social info regarding the phone number calling to you.
  • Very light app, takes less space on your phone’s memory.
  • You can call, message and email diretly to the person calling to you.

CONS of Contactive Free Caller ID App

  • App taking a lot cache space in a very few minutes of installation.
  • If you want to search for a unknown from which call has not been made to you but you have it, you can’t do it as there is no such option like that.

Contactive Free Caller ID App Comparison with True Caller Id App

  • Another famous app which does exactly the same as Contactive Free Caller ID App does is “True Caller Id App”. As I have been using both apps so now let me tell you what is the major difference in both apps. True Caller Id App lets you search any unknown number which is not even present in your phone directory, it means you can search info regarding any random number but with Contactive Free Caller ID App you can just track the info of calls made to you either by a known or an unknown number. Truecaller id app displays the name as it is written on a social network account associated with that number even if it is in your contact list but Contactive Free Caller Id apps displays the name as it is in contact list.
  • With Contactive Free Caller ID App you can use it as replacement for you stock caller app i.e. you can make calls with it but with “True Caller Id” app you can’t do that, I guess that is the best advantage Contactive Free Caller ID App has over it :)

Contactive Free Caller ID App Details

Version – 1.2.3
Android Required – 2.2+
Avg. Rating by users – 3.5
Company – Contactive
Website - Contactive.com
Download Contactive app from Google Play.

Overall Contactive Free Caller ID App is a great app and seeing it’s a lot more exciting features likes ability to make call, send SMS, emails and showing all social info, I personally have removed True Caller ID app and now me any my whole team is using Contactive Free Caller ID App :)

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