Published On: Sat, Jun 22nd, 2013

How to copy files from the Computer to Android

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In today’s tutorial we will be show you how to copy files from the computer to Android device and vice versa. This is a really simple, easy and intuitive thing to do if you have any experience on working with an Android device and/or your phone. However, many new Android users might find it very helpful. So let’s begin.

How to copy files from the Computer to Android

Before transferring the files, you need to make sure that your Android device is connected to your computer. Take your USB cable and insert one end in your Android phone and the other in your computer. While on your computer, click on the My computer icon where, if everything is properly connected, you will see your Android device displayed.

Click on the icon of your Android phone>Internal storage where you will see all of the folders and files you have on your Android phone. Now you can just drag and drop or copy/paste all the files/folders you wish to copy from your Android to your computer. Find the folder on your Android which contains the file you wish to copy and drag or paste it into a destination folder of your choice on your computer. The same process is applicable for transferring files the other way around: simply repeat the same procedure, only this time take the files or folders from the computer and copy them to an Android device.

For example, let’s talk about a situation where you want to copy a picture from your phone to your computer. Once in your phone’s folders, click on the Pictures folder, choose the folder containing the desired picture, select it and drag it to your desktop or any other destination on your computer where you want to store it. As you can see, the file is now on your computer and you are able to use it as you like: edit, share, print, send, etc.

And that is about it. You are now familiar with the simple process of copying files (whether it is pictures, music, videos, Word documents or games or any other type of file) from the Computer to Android.

How to copy files from the Computer to Android

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