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How to filter your incoming calls on your android mobile Device

While most cell phone numbers aren’t publicly published, that doesn’t mean that telemarketers will ignore you. You might have accidentally posted your number on Facebook or a website, or the caller might have gotten lucky. Regardless of how it happened, you have one or many people calling you and you want it to stop. There are several things that you can do to filter calls aside from looking at the phone’s caller ID.

Native Features

Some mobile operating systems like android OS have native features that will automatically send the number to voicemail even if your android phone is on. This will work if you know the number, but it may not be good against telemarketers because they tend to call from different numbers to avoid this and other filtering techniques.

While it differs based on your OS, the most common way to do this is to add the number to your contacts list and then change the preferences so that the call only goes to voicemail.


Most carriers give you the ability to block numbers with ease. You might have to pay extra for this service, but most of the top carriers are now offering it for free. You will have to sign into your account, enter the “Preferences” or “Account Settings” page and then look for the tool or listing to block numbers.

Enter the phone number and then submit it so that the block is active. You may have to renew the block after a few months if the carrier doesn’t offer permanent blocking.

Best 4 android apps to filter incoming calls

Talking Caller ID

Talking Caller ID
The caller ID is one of the best tools for filtering calls, but there are times when you won’t be able to look at it. For example, you might be driving or frantically waiting for a call. It’s in these situations that you might accidentally answer a call from a telemarketer or someone that you don’t want to talk to.

If this frequently happens to you, then buy the Talking Caller ID app. It’s only $1.99 and it will ensure that you hear the caller’s name and number. You can set the app to only say the numbers of contacts or people that aren’t in your contacts list.

You can easily silence the app if you are in class or in a public setting.

VERSION - 2.22
ANDROID – 1.6+
Download from Google Play.

Call Guard

Call Guard
This is another app that can be very useful. The Call Guard app allows you to easily customize your ability to block certain callers. For example, you can block calls from contacts, people not in your contacts list and create a white and black list so that you can specify who can and cannot call you.

This app costs $2.99, but it’s definitely worth it if you frequently have people calling you that you want to avoid.

VERSION - 2.4.6
ANDROID – 1.5+
Download from Google Play.

Extreme Call Blocker

Extreme Call Blocker

This app is similar to Call Guard, but it’s even more comprehensive. The app is protected by a password so that no one can access your filter. It also allows you to send calls to voicemail, automatically pick up and hang up or mute the ringer so that the person doesn’t think that you are ignoring him or her.

This app costs $6, but it has the most advanced features if you need professional protection.

VERSION – Varies
ANDROID – Varies
Download from Google Play.

Google Voice

The Google Voice service is perhaps one of the best if you want to filter all incoming calls. This is because Google Voice not only allows you to easily block calls, but it has a spam database with thousands of numbers. If you set the filter, then any calls from these numbers will be automatically blocked. You can set Google Voice to either block the call or send it to voicemail.

While Google Voice works best if you are trying to filter telemarketers and other annoying agencies, you can also block individual numbers with ease.

ANDROID – 2.0+
Download from Google Play.


While you can easily filter calls with the phone’s caller ID, that sometimes just isn’t enough. If you need something that is stronger or more comprehensive, then you should use an app or one of your carrier’s features. You can ensure that anyone trying to annoy you will be instantly blocked if you use the right tools.

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