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How to move games and apps to SD card on android

If you like mobile games and other applications big in size, you are most probably going to have a problem with the latest mobile titles which can take several hundred megabytes each. The ability to move these apps to a SD card is a great way to save space.

By offloading heavier apps to your expandable storage you will be able to save precious internal storage for other things, like the many apps that are not possible to move to the SD card. Some applications cannot be moved to the SD card because developers have to specifically allow you to move apps to the SD card, and some popular apps don’t support the feature.

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That is why we are bringing you a tutorial on how to store applications on the SD on your Android device. Keep in mind that this tutorial works on rooted devices and we cannot guarantee that it will be useful on non-rooted devices. If you would like to know more about rooted and non-rooted devices, as well as other key terms for Android devices, please click on the following link and find out.

What is a root?

Now that we have those things covered, there are two more things you should know prior to starting this procedure. The first one is that you will need an Android version 2.2 or higher in order for this to work. The second one is that not all applications are going to be transferrable to the SD card because the developers had simply created them that way.

With that being said, take your Android phone, press the menu key and click on Settings > Applications. Once you are there, hit Manage applications which takes you to a list of all the applications that you have on your phone. If you have limited space on your phone, you are most likely going to want to move the applications that take up the most space in the memory of your phone.

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Simply click on the application that you want to move and click on Move to SD. Depending on the size of the application that you are moving, wait a couple of seconds for the process to finish. And that is pretty much it, this simple process is now finished. If your phone’s memory is an issue for you, go to your app list and try to free up as much memory on your phone as you can.

How to move games and apps to SD card on android

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