Published On: Tue, Oct 16th, 2012

How to Unlock 3 Easter Eggs On Android Jelly Bean

Google is like any company that takes pride in their work but they also make it a point to poke fun at their innovations. Their ideas of a joke are really entertaining. In the past few years, they have made their home page, Google Mail, and Google Translate do crazy things. We call them “easter eggs”.

Since Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Google has been secretly tucking easter eggs into their mobile platform. The latest firmware, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, has a total of three. One of them is embedded into the software while the other two are hidden in Google applications. Whichever you decide to find first, all of them will surely put a smile on your face!
Here’s how you can hunt all three easter eggs on your Jelly Bean device.

3 Easter Eggs to Unlock On Android Jelly Bean 

Easter Egg #3: The Barrel Roll

The barrel roll is one of the most entertaining surprises Google has for everyone. If you visit www.google.com on your PC, type “do a barrel roll” without quotes, and hit enter, the search results page will do a 360-degree spin. You can make the same thing happen on Jelly Bean but in a slightly different way. Google Now, the voice assistant introduced with the update, can be commanded to do a barrel roll.

To unlock this easter egg, simply launch Google Now on your device. When prompted to “Speak now,” tell it to “do a barrel roll”. Soon after you give the command, Google Now will do a 360-degree spin before showing related searches.

Easter Egg #2: Smiley Face

Chrome for Android has been around for a while but you have to download it from the Google Play Store. The mobile browser is now pre-installed in Jelly Bean along with Google Now and other Google applications like Gmail, Google+, Maps, and Google Talk. Chrome actually has two easter eggs hidden but the smiley face leaves the biggest (and cutest) impression.

Unlocking the smiley face on Chrome is a bit tiring but it’s worthwhile. You have to open 100 pages on the browser to see it. Normally, Google Chrome displays the numbers of tabs opened on the upper right corner. But when the number of pages reaches a hundred, it will show a smiley face instead of “100”.

Easter Egg #1: Gravity-defying Jelly Beans

Imagine jelly beans floating in space, free from gravity. That’s exactly what you’ll see with this easter egg. On your device, go to Settings and choose About Phone. Now, click on “Android version 4.1.x” several times until a red Jelly Bean Android appears. Using one of your fingers, give it a long press until gravity-defying jelly beans appear on-screen.

The fun isn’t nearly over yet. In fact, it just started. You can actually play with the jelly beans by flicking them off-screen. This makes Jelly Bean the first Android software to include an interactive game.

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