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Best 4 Keno Android Apps for android phones

If you made your way to this passage, then chances are that you have explored the curious and addictive world of Keno. This exciting gambling style game is found in casinos across the world and rests its roots in ancient Chinese civilization. Believe it or not, legends have suggested that Keno actually helped to raise the money needed for the construction of the Great Wall of China. Either way, this game is very entertaining and relaxing; and it has made its way into the Android realm so that you don’t have to visit a casino just to enjoy it!

Finding the Best Keno Android App for You

While the traditional version of Keno is played a bit differently from the digital versions, it is still going to follow the traditional guidelines and gameplay. In short, Keno is a very easy game. First you must do is mark your playing slip for the amount of numbers that you have selected to play. This means choosing up to 20 different numbers (varies with host) numbered from 1 through 80; as the Keno balls are drawn and called, you check your ticket for any and all numbers that have won Pay tables vary greatly between the individual casinos, applications, and online platforms, but you can access these pay tables through the version you are playing. Below, you will find different Keno Android apps for your devices.

Absolute Keno

With Absolute Keno, you get a traditional Android gaming experience. The game is free to play and you do not place true wagers; however, you can purchase in game content if you wish to. The game offers free coins every four hours, as well as the option to “Turbo Play”. Turbo Play allows you to speed through the match without having to wait for the results.

Version – 1.06

Android – 2.2+

Avg. Rating – 4.5


Neptune’s Keno

neptunes+kenoThis version of Keno is an interesting spin on the traditional version. Ladbrokes Games brings forth a bingo-styled version of Keno that offers an exciting underwater theme. Unlike some versions, this one offers the gambling capability that many Android apps forego.

There is £10,000 up for grabs through Neptune’s Keno, with a maximum selection of 15 numbers. The fun underwater theme is definitely much more aesthetically pleasing than a plain casino theme!

Keno Extreme

Keno+ExtremeThis game of Keno is a bit more exciting with all of the standardized rules. Instead of playing just one board, you can play up to six boards at a time with Keno Extreme. This is another game of Keno that is brought to you through the Ladbroke’s collection; giving you the opportunity to place real cash wagers.

You can still play with a single board through this application, but more boards are suggested. When you play a game of Keno with more than one board, your chances of winning the game raises significantly.

Casino Keno

casino+kenoThis game has a very clean and elegant interface, but abandons the excitement of a themed game. However, this version of Keno is perfect for playing with your friends. You are able to share your scores with Facebook and challenge Facebook friends to a game of Keno. While it may not boast an exciting look, the graphics are actually in high definition; posing a wonderful gameplay experience.

Version – 1.2

Android – 1.6

Avg. Ratings – 3.3


Indeed above listed 4 Keno games are the best Keno games for an android phone. Download them and enjoy on your phone. Do let us know if you like our listing, all comments are appreciated

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