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7 Tips for Safe Secure Mobile Android Internet Banking

Android phones from different brands offer internet connectivity using various methods. These include Wi-Fi, 3G, and tethering apps. The availability of powerful android browsers make browsing the web a very enriching experience for the mobile user. The browsers not only render complete web pages, but also have support for popular animation software and plugins. As the Android operating system is open source software, the common apprehensions regarding safety and security for internet access persist.

Is Internet Banking Safe on Android ? 

The discerning mobile phone user has to do two important things for ensuring safe surfing of the web using Android phones. The first one is relying on the available technologies with powerful encryption and authentication methods for online operations. The second is ensuring safety of resources including data, money, and devices. This can be done by relying on the various security suites and solutions including antivirus, internet security, backup and recovery, etc. The user also has to take care of maintenance of these tools, by updating and upgrading, for better security.

Online banking and e-commerce activities can be conducted using Android phones, provided the following considerations are taken into account:

7 Tips for Safe Secure Mobile Android Internet Banking

Use Safe Internet Connections

Always use the safest internet connection option available.  Tethering apps for internet access require considerable technological skill and should be left to the experts.  If Wi-Fi option is being exercised, the best encryption protocol should be used. The order of preference is usually WPA2, WPA, and then WEP. The 3G connections have to be properly configured, and the service provider with best security features should be selected.

Avoid Using Wi-Fi at Public places

With Wi-Fi connectivity, online banking activities at public Wi-Fi hotspots like airports, cafes, coffee shops, etc., are susceptible to malicious hacking, and should be avoided if possible.

Seeing Encryption Technologies

With 3G connections, the level of security for online banking on Android phones is higher with the use of efficient encryption technologies and authentication procedures. The user on his part has to take security measures like ensuring that any customer data is wiped off the phone once the transaction is completed.

Check for security certificates

Whether you are checking the balance amount or transferring funds, always be sure to rely on the apps that have passed the most stringent security tests. Most mobile banking apps come with stringent authentication measures, thus minimizing risks to a good degree.

Check for malwares via Anti-malware software

 Malware is the biggest threat to online banking, and on this front Android phones can be secured by taking some precautions. These include avoiding downloading apps from unverified sources. Unverified apps can include Trojans and can lead to compromising of personal information including banking information. The antivirus and anti-malware software do an excellent job in minimising these security threats.

Safe secured Log-Out

Users who conduct online banking using Android phones have to log off after transactions using the formal process. Merely closing the window is not a safe thing to do and should be avoided to ensure safety of the account-accessing information like user id and password.

Freezing your account

If the phone gets stolen or lost, immediately report to service providers for freezing accounts. Also monitor your bank accounts for few weeks afterwards.

Keep in mind all above 7 tips for secure internet banking via your android phone and you will be protected against all internet banking frauds.
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