A Comprehensive Review of Samsung Galaxy Mega

Whatever kind of Smartphone you might want, Samsung has all what you need. Unlike their close competitor Apple, the Korean Monolith makes phones of all sizes and shapes. The Samsung Galaxy Mega, which is 6.3 inches wide, is one of the most famous Smartphone of the year. This article is a comprehensive review of Samsung Galaxy Mega, which clearly outlines its pros and cons.

To begin with, the Galaxy Mega is just like Galaxy S4 in a superior package. Some of the features in the Galaxy Mega resemble those of Galaxy S4. The only major difference is that the screen for Galaxy Mega has been stretched by more than one inch. Another thing that differentiates Mega from S4 is the price. In the United States, Mega is offered at about $149 with a two-year warranty. This is actually half the price of Galaxy S4.

There are several ways to describe what Samsung Galaxy mega actually is. On practical level, this Smartphone can suit those individuals who like oversized phone screens. Many people call it tablet rather than a mere phone.

When it comes to weight, the Mega weighs 60 grams more than Galaxy S4 although it feels surprisingly light for its size. It has a glossy finish which allows it to slide in and out of slim pockets.

This phone has a rear-facing 8-megapixel camera, which performs about as well as for any other Smartphone camera. The camera can be used to capture 1080p HD video although it cannot play it back at its full resolution. Also, the 1.9-megapixel front-facing camera gets the job done automatically.

The display of Galaxy Mega is actually not one of the best. While Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 have Super AMOLED 1080 by 1920 display, the Mega has a lackluster 720 by 1280 pixel LCD screen. Despite the deficiencies of the display, it is one of the best in playing games that are not too graphic intensive. This Smartphone offers an ideal experience for watching cartoons for children. You can also enjoy using certain apps such as Google Maps and Flip board.

Some of the pros of Samsung Galaxy Mega are outlined below:

· It has a very large and bright display unlike other Samsung Smartphone such as Galaxy Notes and Galaxy S4.

· It offers great viewing angle stability

· It also offers numerous ways of operation.

· You can also enjoy an ample wireless connectivity

· There is also plenty of additional software.

The cons are also outlined as follow:

· The phone does not have a lot of optional accessories like in Galaxy Note 3 and S4.

· The operation is sometimes be puzzling.

· The 3D performance and system is just average

· There is comparatively low resolution

· Its case is not very sturdy

Now, is Samsung Galaxy Mega the best Smartphone for you? This will actually depend on your tastes and preferences. For those who like big phones with wide screens then this might be their right choice. If you like a bit smaller phones check the Galaxy S4 or Note 3. Generally, it is not the best in the market today since there are other versions with great features.

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