Published On: Mon, Jul 29th, 2013

Android 4.3 Now Official Says Google

Google’s mobile operating system Android is already a hugely popular choice among users and Smartphone manufacturers. Over the years, Google has developed and refined the Android system, smoothing over defects, adding new features and making the framework more stable and secure. The results can be seen clearly – Android based devices have turned into segment leaders when it comes to market share and growth rate.

The resulting frenzy amongst Android Smartphone users has also transcended to additional business opportunities for developers engaged in Android app development, as corroborated by the huge number of application in the Google Android app store.

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Amidst all this excitement, Google recently made the official announcement about the latest update to their current version of Android, Android 4.2 codenamed Jellybean. The new version, Android 4.3, already has users and app developers immensely interested, with an interesting set of features and improvements promised by Google in the new version.

Android Updates and Their Significance

Google has been extremely active when it comes to updating their mobile OS. The original beta was released back in 2007, and in the span of six years we have seen frequent updates. Each of these updates brought something useful and meaningful to the system, and the last version of Android, Jellybean 4.2 has proven to be the most popularly used version till date. With the latest update, it can be said with certainty that Google will strive to make the system even better. Let’s have a look at the various sets of features promised with this new version –

    1. Text auto-completion – One new look that is sure to catch Android smartphone user’s fancy is the autocomplete facility that will is present on the dial pad. This helps users to just type the first few letters or numbers and Android will automatically bring up suggestions from the contact book. This feature was sorely missing in stock Android phones that doesn’t have mobile manufacturer’s added feature sets
    2. OpenGL ES 3.0 – Another great feature is that Android mobile application development professionals who specialize in designing and developing games would greatly appreciate is support for the OpenGL framework.  OpenGL is a graphics development platform which allows for high quality graphics in games and applications and includes support for native HD rendering at 1080 p. This means an overall improvement in visuals, and pronounced improvement of visuals in games. The notification panel is also set to get an improvement wherein users can access notifications from other devices with the help of applications or Bluetooth connections.

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  1. Low-power Bluetooth and DRM – Bluetooth is an extremely popular mobile communication technology that makes it easy to communicate, send and receive data between different devices. Bluetooth has been around for a while, and has also been upgraded a few times to optimize data transfer and enhance speed. Android 4.3 is set to feature Smart Bluetooth, which is a low energy requirement Bluetooth technology that facilitates Bluetooth communication without consuming much battery power.

This should pave the way for more battery efficient Bluetooth transfers and complication. It also means that android app development professionals can now assimilate this technology while designing applications. The new version of Android is also set to include support for digital rights management or DRM support. This is a great way for distributors and vendors to supply copyrighted content like audio and video to Android devices without risking the chance of it being copied or pirated. This opens the doors for many more providers to make their copyrighted content available on the Google Android platform.

  1. Multiple user accounts and other features – one of the most important features that Google plans to implement in the latest iteration of its Android mobile operating system is the multiple user accounts feature. Google has announced the implementation of multiple user accounts with the option of restricting the access and usage capabilities of different profiles. This means that one device can now be effectively used by more than one person with each user having their own unique settings and preferences saved to their own profile.

The restriction on profiles feature can be used for small scale individual purposes like parental control, and can also have much larger complex implications like profiles according to role in an enterprise environment. With these new features, it can be said with certainty that Android 4.3 will be a marked improvement on the already popular Jellybean.

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