Published On: Mon, Aug 8th, 2011

How to Block SMS Spams in Android – Optinno SMS Blocker Android App – Top Best Anti SMS-Spam Blocking Application for Android with Auto Filter

There are different types of apps are found in the android market. But they give us specific facilities. Some apps try to provide us SMS anti spam blocking activity. And some of them are given us auto filter with this. Spamming system is found in everywhere. It is also located in mail or SMS. You cannot get the complete freedom by receiving unwanted messages.
 But if you want then decreases the number of spam messages by the use of android phone. Those SMS are not important for us is transferred in spam is the best way. But if you want that any mail or SMS are not stored in the spam then you use this app. By the use of this new application, Optinno, you can easily stop the receiving of SMS in your android device.

How to Block SMS Spams in Android Phone:

  • Optinno is one of the latest anti SMS blocker which helps you to protect the SMS to go into the spam box. You need to install the app in the computer to get more facilities. When the installation process is completed then you can use the active, the optinno a high quality anti SMS blocker. A filter system is also found with it. Like other filters you need to provide any title or direction to complete the filtration process. 
  • The Optinno SMS blocker is completely customized and modify as your wish to maintain it. If you properly install the whole process in your mobile device then you need to click on the blog.
  • Maybe if you want to remove the unwanted SMS and enjoy the apps then you must follow some rules. Firstly you need to make a download of the SMS blocker for your mobile. 
  • Optinno is one of the best thing. As early as possible you need to install the software in your license agreement file. You found the second option where you need to dial your number. In this place you need to get tickets for the next entry. 
  • Now this time the apps are easily installed. If the option is so much easy then you receive the mails complete. 
  • Then all of the contacts and data are automatically included in the body of the article.

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