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Best 5 Mobile Recharge Android apps in INDIA

Since the emergence of mobile or cellophane era in India, pre-paid customers are leading the market. As per a speculation there are around 95% customers who are using pre-paid services from their mobile carriers. You may be one of them. And you may have found yourself sometime running out of recharge. Traditionally we are dependent on the recharge destination available in our location. But the emergence of smart phones and android has changed the whole scenario quite efficiently. Now there are various facilities available on your very own smart phone to recharge your pre-paid services. In this article we are providing you top android apps for mobile recharge in India.

Top 5 Free Android Apps for Mobile Recharge in India

Paytm ( Mobile Recharge and DTH )

At present this application is leading the segment in India. According to us this is the most user friendly app in this very segment. There are plenty of qualities that make this app a leader. One of them is multiple payment modes. You can pay your money via Paytm Cash, credit card, debit cars and net banking (including most of the major banks). App is directly redirecting user to a different page for 3D pin. Password or Card pin command. If transaction is being failed there will be a page for retry also!! There is another amazing feature called Paytm Coupons. So, it is a complete package if you are aiming to recharge your Android phone by yourself. If you get to recharge your phone very frequently then you should submit some cash in your Paytm account and whenever you need to have a recharge just use the amount from your Paytm wallet and the recharge is done in less than 10 seconds as there is no need to connect to the respective bank site.
Version – 2.2.1
Android – 2.2+
Avg Rating – 4.5
Download Paytm


This is another very useful application. This app is basically developed for JAVA phones with a purpose of mobile shopping (its tagline also suggest that-Mall on Mobile). With the emergence of Android OS the developers of very app has decided to develop an app for Android phone. There are certain issues with the app when it comes to prepaid recharge. One of those issues is lesser payment options (in terms of available number of major financial institutes). UI also demands drastic change in the context of user friendliness. Yet, this is a useful app to have in your Smartphone.
Version – 7.0
Android – 1.6+
Avg Rating – 4.3
Download ngpay


This app is presently an underdog in the segment. But having a potential we are predicting an upward growth of this particular app. It is actually a m-Wallet. The developer team is trying hard to make it easy and user friendly. Similarly as Paytm its roots lie in the parent website. It has a distinct feature that after filling up details and registering with it you can add 20 secondary mobile numbers other than your primary on.
Version – 2.2.1
Android -2.1+
Avg Ratin – 4.6
Download Mobikwik


Though it doesn’t found to be as prolific as the apps mentioned above, you have to consider it as a viable option. This also a kind of E-wallet and have its root in parent website.
Version – 2.5
Android -1.1+
Avg Ratin – 1.0
Download Oxicash

Mobile Apps from Banks – StateBank MobiCash

All the major banks enable their users to recharge their pre-paid mobile services through their mobile apps. I.e. SBI and ICICI apps.
Version – 6.0
Android -1.1+
Avg Ratin – 3.8
Download StateBank MobiCash

We advice all users to get their recharge from their respective bank site, if the facility is available else Paytm and ngpay are the best mobile recharging apps in India for android mobile users.

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