Published On: Wed, Dec 18th, 2013

Best Android Printing Applications for Smart Phone Users

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We already know the fact that almost every other individual in the world has access to smart mobile phones. You cannot possibly think about leaving your android phone behind and step outside of your house.  Now, people no longer use digital cameras, as they can achieve the same quality of pictures through the smart android devices. People are more interested in having their images printed through direct connections and not through the means of USB cables and micro SD cards.

The Print Applications

With every update of the android operating system, the cloud printing applications are also updated for the benefit of the users. The following is the list of all the applications that are mostly used by android device users for accomplishing various printing jobs.

The HP iPrint

The HP iPrint Photo application is pretty decent with features. It has the capability to edit and crop pictures before you can press the print button.  This application is compatible with almost 200 HP Inkjet print machines. The set up process is very simple and this makes them highly popular among users.

 photo print.jpg

Cloud Print – A Free Printing Application

Print from Android

This is an application that has been established in the month of February, 2013. This application has been specially created for all sorts of android devices. Anyone can download this app through Google Play station.  The application is able enough to print all PDF documents, text, all types of images and pictures. It works fine with both Wi-Fi and mobile networks.

There is actually no additional requirement of a cable or driver system. You can print all documents stored in the clipboard of your device.  The applications equip a number of features like select printer resolution, real size, centered and select paper size options. The latest features that have made into the list of the application are print SMS options, print call log, automatic server locator and many more.

Cloud Print

Cloud Print is another famous print application and has been released in the month of August, 2013.  Almost 1.5 million users all over the world use this application. This app is like any other software in the market and allows a person to print different documents from the mobile to any printing machine. This application is different from others in the aspect of management.

It is equipped with Printer management, SMS printing, print job management, the option to share the prints with friends, mail printing, web page printing, and printing from social media pages. Even drawing can be printed through the application. The application is now offering a number of features like added support system for Microsoft sky drive, printer search option, an integrated browser; social media print page improvements, bug fixes and many other options. The size of the application is also pretty small with equipping only 4.9 MB of space.


Cloud computing has made lives pretty simple and convenient. Now, business people can use these applications anywhere to print important documents in real time without the hassle of transferring the data to computers and then printing them.

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