Published On: Wed, Jun 19th, 2013

Best Phone by Samsung So Far – Samsung Galaxy s4

The Samsung Galaxy III has been a best seller from the time it hit the market. It’s natural that users have high expectations for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung had great expectations as well, hoping that it  will prove to be a worthy sequel to the popular SIII.

What you get

You get an Android 4.2.2 equipped phone that works a super fast snapdragon 600, 1.9GHZ quad core processor, 2GB Ram, NFC, LTE and 13MP camera. The 1080p AMOLED screen is all of 5 inches.  There is an IR blaster that can control your entertainment system, but the battery is, 2600mAh, looks a bit burly.

Samsung Galaxy s4

samsung galaxy s4 photo: GALAXY S4 BANNER FIJO Samsung-Galaxy_S4_zps31b5c7ad.jpg


The design looks familiar especially to galaxy III owners. It sports the same rounded-rectangular look of its predecessor. The metal edges and plastic back are still there.  The back is removable, though, so you do not have a problem with changing the battery or inserting an SD to increase the phone’s storage capacity.
Changing screen size from 4.8” to 5” while making the phone narrower and the less thick, is one of positives of the Samsung Galaxy s4 design.  The bezels on the side, prominent in the SIII have shrunk considerably to be almost unnoticeable.  Image quality is much better.  The colors really light up and the text are extra clear, making them readable even in a bright day.

While other phones no longer navigate by physical buttons, Samsung placed three on the S4 – for menu, back and home.  The problem is the buttons light up only when you actually touch them. In case you forget where the buttons are, you end up doing something not intended which can be very annoying.

The IR blaster on top for your entertainment system is tiny; you don’t know it is actually there.

How to Use It?

With the Air View feature, you do not actually have to click on a menu to see some information, a finger hovering over the screen will do. With the Air gestures feature, to open and change tabs, you only have to wave a hand. To scroll, you only have to tilt the phone. This is called the Smart Scroll.  A Smart Pause will put the video on pause mode when your eyes wander away from the screen. Group Play allows you to play selected video games with pals connected to the Wi-Fi network you are using.

The features are innovative. The problem is you may not be given the opportunity to use them much. Why is that? The Air gestures feature is not accurate and the Smart scroll and Pause are less than reliable. At least driving will be less risky since you can answer somebody calling by simply waving your hand over the phone.

The unreliable extras are irksome, but turn off them and you find a phone that’s actually good.  It is very fast, generally. Games like Oz, Inertia HD, Temple Run and Naught, run effortlessly. The sliding keyboard, pre-installed, has ample space between keys, and there is a dedicated numbers row though the auto-correct has some issues.  Online data downloads at reliable speed and the connection is stable.
The camera the Samsung Galaxy S4 is one to the best out there. The captured images are always very sharp, the colors rich. And the video, there’s really nothing to criticize about it.

Should One Buy It?

Remove the undependable extras and the Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the best smartphones to come out this year.  It is fast and has the most important features that make any phone serviceable. A longer battery life and extra storage space are other reasons why it should be a good buy.

Samsung Galaxy s4

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