Published On: Thu, Oct 6th, 2011

BlackBerry Launched 9810, 9860 and 9900 Phones with BlackBerry 7 OS

Research in Motion i.e. RIM the Canadian company is moving in full speed to regain its lost leadership in the smartphone market. RIM, with its flagship brand Blackberry, had virtually created the marketplace before losing out to players like AppleHTC etc. However, RIM may have just delivered a fatal blow to its competitors with the release of its much awaited Blackberry 7 OS. The users claim that navigating on the Blackberry 7 is a magical experience. 
It has 50% faster for web browsing as compared with Blackberry 6 and a whopping 100% faster as compared to Blackberry 5. To go with the newer OS, Blackberry has three new handsets as well. The details of the same have been listed below:
The BlackBerry Torch 9810

 The 9810 from Blackberry is a phone with minor improvements made over and above the existing version called Blackberry 9810 Torch. The main feature that has seen improvement is the screen of the Torch. It is now brighter and bigger. 

  • Also, if one considers the fact that the 9810 is powered by a new 1.2 Ghz processor, it starts to look a lot better than its predecessor. 
  • Reviews also say that the slider has been made more comfortable. 
  • Also, the whole phone has become much lighter given the fact that many users had complained of it being bulky in the past.

The BlackBerry 9860

 The 9860 is Blackberry’s foray into the very lucrative touch screen market. The earlier foray with the Blackberry storm was not very effective. 

  • But the 9860 has a 3.7 inch display which is better than most of its peers. It also has the backing of a 1.2 Ghz processor coupled with the fact that it may have the most advanced operating system amongst its peers the Blackberry 7.
  • The 9860 is rife with features in every aspect of the phone. 
  • The camera is 5 mega pixels and has features like continuous auto focus, face detection and image stabilization.

The BlackBerry 9900

 The marvel from Research In Motion’s factory is the new Blackberry 9900. It is the thinnest Blackberry phone to ever be launched which also makes it the most stylish and a fashion icon as well. It also has an option of touch screen as well as QWERTY keypad. 
  • The best part about the Blackberry 9900 it also has Apple like touch screen features. 
  • Users can just use their fingers to zoom in and zoom out. 
  • Users will therefore have a much faster phone loaded with Blackberry Apps as well as the messenger and everything else that an Apple phone can conceivably offer. This would be quite a deal for the buyers!

Blackberry’s new line of phones makes it a buyer’s delight. The buyers are not only getting the most cutting edge technology, but also they have more choice than ever. While most smartphone manufacturers like Apple are tying their to a single model at a time, Blackberry has something for every customer. All the phones have received an initial positive review from the marketplace with the 9860 looking to have all the ingredients required from a bestselling model.

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