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BlackBerry Z10 Vs BlackBerry Q10 – Comparisons – Price in India

Looks like Research in Motion (RIM) is working hard to get their lost crown back. Apple, and followed by Android, almost ruined the BlackBerry market. I remember there was such a time when people used to love showing off their BlackBerry phones. That trend is actually gone these days, because BlackBerry practically failed to impress smartphone users and techies to attract anymore, mainly because of no dedicated app store and many other reasons. But maybe, BB will get over all these lacking with their 2 new phones, those are BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10. The Z10 was released a week back and the Q10 is expected to be released on April, 2013.

Brief Overview

Let’s just have a brief overview on their configurations.

BlackBerry Z10

Runs on a Qualcomm chipset and dual core 1.5 GHz Krait CPU, tangled with a 2GB RAM. Adreno 225 GPU like many other smartphones in the market, and equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC. Wi-Fi is a must in the devices of this era so that’s not something to be specially highlighted. Being a new generation smartphone, BB showed enough generosity keeping the memory card slot along with 16GB internal memory.

BlackBerry Q10

TI OMAP chipset and Dual Core 1.5 GHz Cortex A9 CPU; PowerVR GPU to provide smooth graphics processing. The rest are identical to the z10. Supported Qwerty keypad.

Why this is considered a smooth move?

Like I said before, BlackBerry is struggling hard to get back into track and this might be a turning point for them. These two handsets certainly have the potential, BB only needs to follow strong marketing strategy and develop a rich app store. All smartphone users heavily rely on app stores and that’s a big reason why iOS and Android is this much popular. To outpace them or even catch them in the race, there’s no option left for BlackBerry.

And maybe that’s why they just thrown away their old OS and built one from the scratch, based on the previous one. The previous OS 7 was for the old BB qwerty keyboard phones, the new one is specially built for touch screen devices.

BlackBerry Z10 Vs BlackBerry Q10 – Comparisons

  • The BlackBerry Z10 is a bar type full touch screen smartphone, while the BlackBerry Q10 is a touch with hardware keyboard phone. People preferring dedicated keyboard for typing will go for Q10, that’s a nearly confirm assumption. 
  • The Q10 looks pretty much like its predecessors but this time, more robustly built for brisk performance. The new smartphone looking OS10 will certainly make you feel different – whichever of these two you use.
  • These phones themselves are very cool actually. I hope you have read my previous post on the BlackBerry Z10, and I have clearly explained there about the new BlackBerry OS10. You’ll understand what makes it stand out from the previous BlackBerry operating systems.
  • Hardware differences, I mentioned above. And I found another one, sounds silly though, the q10 might have a full sized SIM card slot and the z10 came with a micro-SIM card slot. Micro SIM card slot might be convenient these days but there are still many people who prefers full sized SIM cards, especially those who changes SIM cards a lot. And they might stick to q10 instead of z10.

That’s all we had to tell you now.
The BlackBerry Q10 is not yet in the market so we can’t run our think tank to and fro. Once that comes out, we’ll make sure to do detailed review. But be sure of the fact, RIM is going to release a winning device.

Price in India

BlackBerry Z10 Price in India is expected around Rs 30000/- approx and BlackBerry Q10 Price in India is expected around as Rs 25999/- approx.

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