Published On: Thu, Jul 11th, 2013

Can Blackberry Catch Up?

Blackberry is the product of RIM which stands for Research in Motion. The first Blackberry was introduced in 1999 while the most recent ones are called Z10 or Q10 introduced January of this year. It can produce music, shoot video and photos. It can also email send messages and can virtually be a personal digital assistant. It is the sixth most popular maker of device in the world.

The contention is with its constant competition with Apple, how it can now catch up with the IOS and Apps that are now in the market. Apple has created a very popular kind of phone that has various functions that seemingly surpasses that of the Blackberry.  IOS boasts of an interface that is fun and intuitive. It has 900,000 apps available on the app store besides it’s built in apps.

IOS has the feature Siri which can send voice messaging and even understand every command you say. You can even have a conversation with Siri. It has also a very strict password code encryption which keeps your precious data covered with tight security. Furthermore it is disabled friendly for the blind since a voice can help you manage your phone by yourself. It also has displays of 30 brailles excellent for those in their inconvenient situations.

Now how does Blackberry catch up with such a handheld gadget with features of such multiple proportions and usage?

Can Blackberry Catch Up?

It seems that the new Blackberries in the market is somewhat mundane and trying hard to catch up with the other brands in the market particularly IOS with its Apps. It appears just like the old Blackberries issued therefore aesthetically boring. There were also some problems with the zooming and scrolling which can be a bit frustrating. Blackberry 7 OS has augmented reality features and near Field Communication. These features have been used by IOS before but its Blackberry messenger system is absolutely amazing because if there is someone using it too nearby you may chat with them instantly.

Also, Rim has developed a device wherein the Balckberry has a Wikitude. It is sort of a browser which is a fusion of Wikipedia, Tweeter and Flickr photos.

There is talk that Blackberry is very passive about their current situation with IOS absolutely in the forefront. Some suggests that there is a serious need to fix up the software and hardware of the gadgets but all the CEOs say is that they simply need to upgrade their current Blackberry and not change it monumentally. It is said that they will soon simply fade away if they do not keep up.

And keep up they are trying to do. Now the new Blackberry 10 has a feature that can separate your data inside and allow others to use it without tampering with your old data. You can even give your child the phone without losing the things inside.  Also it has the use of an HTML 5.

It also gives the possibility of moving photos into multiple phases of time frames which is really cool. Another feature is being able to get all your notifications in a sift swipe of your phone. Notifications from Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Linked In…

The keyboard is also intuitive for it seems to know what you are bound to touch. It’s a very carefree phone that can be fun to use for it seems to meld with your propensities. As of the production of Blackberry 10 40,000 apps are in the process of being introduced in the market.

Blackberry by Rim is in a stage that may well be teetering towards non-entity or going for the best ever yet. Take time to choose. See what it does for you.

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