Different Features of Samsung Galaxy S

Modern people are always wanted to use new mobile phones. Advancement in mobile is increase rapidly and new model of phones are introduced in very short time. Smart phones are very common now days; millions of users use different smart phones. There are many different features in smart phones. The demand of Samsung Galaxy S is increase in present days. More...

by Valid Mesic | Published 3 years ago
By Valid Mesic On Monday, June 16th, 2014

Compact Beauty: HTC One Mini 2 review

HTC raised a bar with HTC One – some call it the best Android phone of all time. Some even label it as the best smartphone of all time. Building on their success, HTC released HTC One Mini last year. After seeing More...

By Jessica Socheski On Friday, April 11th, 2014

Making Your Website Mobile

Why you should optimize your website for mobile viewing and how you can do it Having a great website is vital for any business or personal brand today. You’ve probably already learned all the tricks and used all More...

By rosewaring On Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

HTC One Max – Review

HTC leading Smartphone manufacturing company has now again came up with something new in the market.HTC has recently introduced another trade mark brand HTC ONE MAX. Although many markets experts already did predicted More...

By marlinmarketinggroup On Saturday, October 26th, 2013

A Comprehensive Review of Samsung Galaxy Mega

Whatever kind of Smartphone you might want, Samsung has all what you need. Unlike their close competitor Apple, the Korean Monolith makes phones of all sizes and shapes. The Samsung Galaxy Mega, which is 6.3 inches More...

By Julia On Saturday, October 26th, 2013

HTC One Max with 5.9 inch full HD display

The HTC One was received very well by most people but surprisingly it didn’t sell in very good numbers. It has a good design and the built quality is better than any other device in its class. Now HTC is trying More...

By michellesimpson On Thursday, October 10th, 2013

HTC One Mini: Product Review

The recently unveiled HTC One Mini is the affordable variant of the HTC’s flagship phone, the HTC One. It’s the compact version of the latter, sporting a dual-core processor, large, high definition display, More...

By marlinmarketinggroup On Thursday, October 10th, 2013

The Battle of the Three Flagships of Samsung Continues

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is actually the most famous Samsung phone of the year 2013. It is also termed as the best android of the year. But is it really the best? On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is unique More...

By Julia On Friday, September 27th, 2013

Samsung Note 3: Third time a charm from Samsung

Samsung started the trend of making devices that are too large to be called phones and too small to be called tablet. The Galaxy Note started off with someone playing a joke at Samsung and caught up very well in More...

By Julia On Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

BlackBerry Q5: The most affordable BlackBerry smartphone

Back in 2000’s when BB started its QWERTYsmart phones; they turned out to be blockbuster sellers and bolstered the company as the dominant player in phones market. But with the changing times and Operating Systems More...