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Difference between Ouya vs. nGees android consoles

The competition between Android-based miniature consoles is becoming fierce. These crowd funded projects are quickly becoming a reality as gamers look for alternatives to mobile gaming. Game developers are once again taking interest in console gaming. It is a reopened window of opportunity.


On July 11, 2012, the Ouya gaming console project was launched on Kickstarter.com, where thousands of independent investors poured money into the idea to make it a reality. Nearly $8.6 million was pledged to the project, allowing for it to schedule the release of consoles to the general public in June 2013 at an introductory price of $99.

Difference between Ouya vs. nGees android consoles


Running on the Android operating system, the Ouya gaming system will feature an Ouya store offering games and applications specially designed for the console. Developers created the console with the idea of giving gamers the freedom to customize their gaming experience. The Ouya hardware is able to be modified and augmented to suit gamers’ needs.

The console also comes equipped with development kits, which allow for owners to become their own independent game developers. Creators of the Ouya system developed the console with mobile gaming competition in mind. Smartphones and tablets are receiving all of the new and popular gaming titles. The market for Android games has soared. One of the reasons behind this is that mobile platforms allow game developers an easy and profitable market for creating their own independent games. Some of the most innovative game developers are focused more on mobile gaming because console gaming yields certain creative limitations. The Ouya brings creativity and innovation back to classic console gaming, giving developers the freedom to design and customize the future of the gaming experience.


The nGees console project also began development in 2012. The goal of the nGees is to provide an all-encompassing media center, filled with movies, television shows, video games, music, and more. Its broad and general focus has received varying feedback. The nGees is certainly a very mobile and capable device, but many critics view the system as being unnecessary. Virtually all aspects of the nGees can be replicated by an Android tablet. Unlike the Ouya gaming system, there isn’t any freedom for game development on the nGees. The only games available for the nGees are those that can already be found on the standard Google Play store.

The nGees does provide an interesting dynamic to standard multimedia usage. Users can simply connect the nGees to an HDTV set with a single cable to experience Android applications in high-definition. This includes everything from Skype, to Facebook, to G-Mail, and even Angry Birds. The platform itself is very mobile – about the size of a standard smart phone – and is packed with a dual-core processor and a quad-core GPU giving it quite the kick.

Just as we have seen the mobile gaming industry explode in recent years, the idea for Android-based console gaming and development has great potential. Designers and inventors are coming up with new ways to create and develop new methods of gaming through technological advances. The success of Android consoles could spark another revolution in the gaming industry.

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