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Download Install Swype V3.26 Apk Android – Swype Review – Photo Tutorial to use Gestures

Every single person who has used both PC/Laptop keyboard and the mobile one will prefer to have their fingers running on the PC keyboard just because of one simple reason : “Typing on mobile phone STINKS!”

But because you have got an awesome Android mobile (That’s why you’re here, Right?), there’s an app to solve everything (well, almost..) that’s a pain in your ass. Coming to the point, here we’re talking about the highly, maybe the most, popular keyboard replacement app available out there. It’s not on the Play Store yet, because it’s still in beta version and so we’ll save you the hassle of registering on the official website, confirming your account, downloading the installer and blah, blah, adfblah by providing a simple download link to the direct APK somewhere near the end of the post.

Why Swype? 

Why we’re recommending this Swype thing?

Here’s the answer, you don’t need to tap each and every single character of the word you want to type, you just have to glide your fingers, or what they say, Swype your fingers over the keyboard and the word you want to type magically appears on the screen. This is SHEER FUN. Don’t know about this present moment, but at some point of time, maybe 1 or 2 years back, the world record for fastest typing by a Human Being was broken on a Swype keyboardThat’s probably enough to tell you the speed factor of this keyboard. I can type on my phone faster than I can on my PC, infact I’m typing this whole article on the blogger app for my mobile using the very same keyboard. I often challenge my friends with QWERTY phones to take a typing test with me, and I beat them easily. Speed was one factor, Ease of usability is another.You might not like it on the very first day ,but once your fingers get accustomed to it, it will definitely become your first choice.

Hidden Shortcuts and Gestures on Swype to make your life easier… 

There are so many shortcuts and gestures on the keyboard, that after some time, you will be compelled to think how were you able to live without it.
To mention a few…

  • Single tap to change the language of the keyboardGliding from the swype key to the t/5 key on the keyboard opens up the numeric keyboard.
  • What ctrl+A/C/X/V does on your pc, swype  does the same with the glide from swype to A selecting everything on screen. Swype to C copies…Swype to x cuts and swype to v pastes whatever the selected text is. 
  • A glide from swype to the symbols screen will take you to the edit screen,which allows you to move the cursor around and easily copy/paste stuffs.
  • A glide from swype to the caps lock button (right above the swype key) allows you to change the case of the selected word you have already written.
  • Gliding from swype to backspace key hides the keyboard. 
  • Pressing and holding the space key or gliding from the space key to the backspace key temporarily turns autospacing off. 
  • When typing a word or clicking on a word you have already typed,a list of suggestions will be shown. 

This list can go on too long,so you can find more such things on the Swype website and in the keyboard settings, too….

Photo Tutorial for gestures to use Swype V3.26 on Android

Going to the Edit Screen
Switching to Numeric keyboard with just a swype
Turning autospacing temporarily off

Changing the case of a word you’ve already typed

To help you type your friend’s names, Swype stores the names present in your contact list in its dictionary. This is very helpful in case of Indian names as they are most often not present in the dictionary. Whenever you type a new word,an option pops up asking if you want to add the word to dictionary so that you don’t have to tap it again. I forget to mention that the words which are not present in the dictionary (all English words are present in Swype dictionary) can be tapped character by character like you do on a normal touchscreen keyboard.
You can also speak and type using the voice recognition feature on your device.And one thing I love the most is, you can even swype passwords! You just have to save your password to the dictionary once and then you don’t need to tilt the screen when yo’re typing your password in front of a friend. Also, you can add full email addresses like gauravsgahlyan@gmail.com and website addresses – androidgyan.com ,so you can swype them later in one go, its’ such a relief when you’re filling those nasty online forms.

Download Swype V3.26 Apk Android – Free

You need to have allow unknown sources box ticked in Settings>Applications to install this APKHere’s your reward for going through this full article to know some “top secret” capabilities of Swype.

No registration required, resumable + No waiting time…The file is tested working on Spice MI 310, LG Optimus One, Xperia Mini, leave your feedback if it works on your Android device… 

Did you like it? Was it helpful? Leave a comment below and share with your geeky friends (If you have some). Feel free to ask ANYTHING related to the Swype keyboard below, I shall certainly help…Thanks for reading and for giving me your precious time…

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