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Download Real Racing 3 Version 1.0.56 Apk SD Card Data Unlimited Money – Real Racing 3 Review

EA Sports is back with a bang in android racing games. After NFS Most Wanted 2012 was launched for android, it certainly remained at top racing game till now. Now the EA Sports saga continues with Real Racing 3 made in collaboration with FireMonkeys support. The most fascinating feature about this game is that Real Racing 3 is available for FREE on Google Play Store…

Real Racing 3 Review

Real Racing 3 is certainly the best in its series with more advanced graphics and frame rate as compared to Real Racing 2 edition, being available for Rs 268.41 almost $5.5 on Google Play Store. So now come back to Real Racing 3. Let’s review it. Well  I am a die hard racing fan and if you love racing games, you must be a fan of EA Sports and this game is certainly a worth being available for free. EA Sports marketing strategies must be there behind launching Real Racing 3 for a free.

Real Racing 3 Version 1.0.56 – Memory Consumption

Real Racing latest version reads as Version 1.0.56 which is available for download on Android 2.3.3+ supported device. Real Racing 3 Version 1.0.56 Apk is of 6.1 MB size but to run this game on your android phone you must have 1.7+ GB data free on board memory ( to be more precise, it took around 1.29 GB memory space on our Xperia SL ). Look at the screenshot below and you can find the memory consumption of Real Racing 3 Version 1.0.56 on our Xperia SL LT26ii powered wit Adreno Graphics.

Download Real Racing 3 Version 1.0.56 Apk + SD Card Data

Download Real Racing Version 1.0.56 apk – FREE I 6.1 MB
( Box, Mediafire Link )
If you want file for “Unlimited money” on Real Racing 3 then leave a comment we will mail you the game doc file for that…
Downloading Real Racing 3 is recommended from Google Play Store as it is available for free so users please don’t search it’s .apk file on internet. If you are not able to download via Play Store link, than you can use the other mirror link given above to download Real Racing 3 game.
After you install the Real Racing 3 on your android phone, run it like normal app, now the app starts and it asks you to download the SD card data, as SD card data file officially is around 500-600+MB so you better download it over Wi-Fi. The file downloads in a series of many files of smaller sizes and the best thing is that of by chance your connection is lost then downloading is started from the very same place it was left. Check screenshot below…
If you are unable to download the SD card data of Real Racing 3 over Wi-Fi officially via the app, then you can download the SD card data offline via the given link below.
                            Download Real Racing Version 1.0.56 apk SD CARD Data – Offline
                                                               com.ea.games.r3_row.zip I 806.9 MB
                                                            ( Mediafire, Rapidshare, Fileshare Link )

Some popular supported Phones for downloading Real Racing 3 :- Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia T, Xperia TX, Xperia Tipo, Xperia Tipo Dual, Xperia V, Xperia E, Xperia E Dual, Xperia SL, Xperia S, Xperia Ion, Xperia P, Xperia U, Xperia J, Xperia Sola, Xperia Go, Xperia Neo L,  Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Grand I9082, Galaxy S Duos S7562, Galaxy Y, Rex 90, Rex 80, Rex 70, Rex 60, Galaxy Note 2 N7100 Galaxy Note,  HTC One X, HTC One X +, HTC One V, HTC Butterfly J, Motorola Bionic, Motorola Razr XT912, Micromax A116 Canvas HD, Micromax A101, Micromax A110 Canvas 2, LG Optimus G Pro, LG Optimus F7.

Some Popular supported android tablets for downloading Real Racing 3 :- Xperia Tablet Z LTE, Xperia Tablet Z Wi-Fi, Galaxy Note 8.0 N5100, Galaxy Note 8.0 N5110, Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000, Galaxy Note 10.1 N8010, Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 I705, Galaxy Tab 1, Galaxy Tab 2, Micromax Funbook Alfa P250, Micromax Funbook pro, Aakash Tablet 

  • After you have downloaded the above zip file. Extract it somewhere on your PC, you fill find three folder inside it “.depot, apk and doc”.
  • Copy the folder “com.ea.games.r3_row”, and Transfer this folder to your phone’s SD Card.
  • Navigate to folder “Android > Data > then copy the above folder here”.
  • Done, now you are ready to play the Real Racing Game 3.

Real Racing 3 Version 1.0.56 – Features 

  • So as soon as Game starts, it always asks you to download some data of about 0 MB via internet so a bit annoying feature as you need to connect to internet everytime you wish to play the game.

Real Racing 3 Cars 

All the Cars used in Real Racing 3 comes from the real world like Audi, MacLaren, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti Veyron, Nissan, BMW etc so you don’t miss any real action, drive real cars online, it’s just like that.
Plus when you keep on increasing your driver levels, as when you get a plenty of coins in your stores to but news cars you can customize you cars and can play with them on specific levels when a particular tier is unlocked.

Real Racing 3 Latest Tracks

All the features racing tracks on Real Racing 3 are the original venues like “Suzuka Circuit Japan, Indianapolis Motor Speedway USA, Silverstone England”. You get to burn your car’s tyres on real racing game circuits around the globe.

So now begin the Real Racing 3 Game…
I finished downloading this game last night, and played it whole overnight. It’s incredible awesome. Well defined graphics and sound tracks to keep you moving one. As soon as you start the race, you get to choose between 4 cars which are officially pre-unlocked and you need to finish the first tutorial race named as “Pure Stock Challenge” after that you can move on to next.  You can see the list of 4 cars available for the first race.

 Real Racing 3 Concept

The concept of Real Racing 3 is purely stolen from the game concept of NFS Shift 1 and NFS Shift 2. All those who have played those 2 games can co-relate to what I am about to say. In this game you drive on real racing tacks with all real racing rules, if you overtake carefully then you get a overtaking badge as just like you get in NFS Shift. You need to complete the first circuit race then the next is unlocked in the same way as it happens in NFS Shift. Your driver profile and level upgrades as you earn position and money. More number of tiers and cars are unlocked later on.
On Screen of your phone you have an icon of “Video Camera” on the very top right corner, tapping on which window pane of your car changes and you can select from as usual 3 available options. Racing steering can be change via going to options.

Real Racing 3 Game Photos – Screenshots of Game Play

Real Racing 3 Controls

Real Racing 3 Game Settings

Real Racing 3 Game Achievements

Real Racing 3 Game Store

Real Racing 3 Driver Profile – Logged in via FB.

Real Racing 3 “Help” section

Real Racing 3 Driver Assistant

Real Racing 3 – First Race – Pure Stock Challenge

Real Racing 3 Exotic Hot Cars

All the pics are taken from running Real Racing 3 on Xperia SL LT26ii.

Game Graphics have been pretty improved it doesn’t lag atleast on our Sony Xperia LT26ii. It’s a must app for all racing game fans. EA Sports has done worthy job in making such a fantastic game. Download it today and install and begin you Real Racing 3 experience. Five star rating from AndroidGyan.Com to Real Racing 3.
Do let us know if you face any problem in downloading and installing the SD data of Real racing 3 on your phone, every possible help will be granted.

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  1. can you advice me how to install the game data on memory card, since my internal memory is not enough to download this game and i dont see any option to install it in memory card.

  2. Anurag Kumar says:


    Is your device rooted, if yes then it can be done otherwise no.

  3. yes my device is rooted.
    please advice me step by step.
    or can you mail me the process please.

  4. I’ve followed step by step instruction but still, i have to download additional data 26mb (3%) at the moment and i’m gonna stop it.
    -Xperia P-

  5. Anurag Kumar says:

    @ Silvester Andi

    Yes if you have wi-fi or something else then download it otherwise don’t do it from phone. download the sd card data manually.

  6. Chris Allen says:

    Unlimited money file please

  7. […] It is the best game by EA Sports yet, the one which comes Free of cost. Yes Real Racing 3 belongs to “FREEMIUM” category app which will certainly rock your android phone. The game has got the best racing graphics ever come alive on android. You need to race on live real racing tracks and the real racing cars. We just reviewed Real Racing 3, you can head to our post for full detailed review on Real Racing 3. Version – 1.0.56 Android – 2.3.3+ Avg. Rating – 3.9 Download Real Racing 3 + SD Card Data […]

  8. AsToN#32 says:

    Hi i have the same problem like Manohar. I downloaded the SD data and i copy the files in extSdCard/Android/data/com.ea.games.r3_row/ and here i paste the files (.depot,doc,apk).I try move it to extSdCard/data/com.ea.games.r3_row/. After I install the game and moved by “App to SD” to ExtSdCard.And after it says “Download it”.My device is rooted please help me. Sorry for my bad English

  9. Noah C. says:

    I have been looking for an “Unlimited $$$ and Gold” hack for Real Racing 3 Android, for days now and can’t find one. I’m currently a level 94 driver, and I’m just tired of driving for days to upgrade each car I purchase. Can you please help me out and help me out as far as how to unlock this? I will be very grateful.
    Thank you,

    • chiru says:

      hey i have installed and pasted the file in ‘data”AS PER INSTRUCTED….but while i open the game it again asking to download the additional files..PLS HELP ME

  10. vinayak says:

    I am using SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 , i downloaded it from my pc and copied, from where should i open this game

  11. vern says:

    Hi i already have the apk and ive downloaded the game via lte before and the worked really fine BUT i tried playing the game again offline and keeps asking me to download that stupid data again.. Help! And can u send me a link to d unli money file. Thanke! More

  12. najeeb says:

    is there need chainfire 3d for working this on galaxy y

  13. joem says:

    Kindly send me the doc file for “Unlimited money” on Real Racing 3. Thanks!


  15. Terry Billow says:

    Hi, thanks for your GREAT info!!!! I can now play on my Galaxy Tab 2, 7.0!!!! I would REALLY appreciate it if you could send me the unlimited $ file!!?? I’m disabled and can’t really afford to buy all that money you need for upgrades, maintenance, etc. Although I’m up to driver rating 14, I think, with just my race earnings, in three days!?!?! I THINK that’s pretty good?? Thanks again!!!!

    Terry B

    P.S. Could you include instructions too??

  16. Terry Billow says:

    Hi!! Could you let me know about the limitless money for real racing 3 as stated in your post?? PLEASE!!!!!!! I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!!!!!


    Terry Billow

  17. Terry Billow says:

    Hi, could inform how to get the unlimited R $ real racing 3?

    Thank you!!!!!

  18. Hirusha says:

    Can i place the sd card data in the external sd card

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