Published On: Wed, Dec 14th, 2011

Download / Install WeTunes Android App – The Social Music Player

WeTunes – The Social Music Player is an android app by Sankha Narayan Guria. Now stay connected to your friends!! Get to know what they are listening to at the power of your touch. Socialise, get the latest ratings and suggest songs among your friends very easily. It’s all very easy to do, Your gateway to discover the world of new music.

WeTunes App Description:-

WeTunes allows you to socialise with music. Now interact, share and listen to music among your friends to get a better listening experience. You can seamlessly see and hear what your friends are hearing to, get new song suggestions and ratings. Never be bored of listening to the same music collection over and over again!

More features:
1. Send friend requests to your friends to seamlessly share what you are upto and what music are you listening to.
2. See what your other friends are listening to and directly listen to those songs.
3. Direct link with Youtube to fetch you the latest music videos for the song.
4. Directly fetch lyrics for any song that is played.
5. Send and receive song suggestions among your friends to get informed of great new songs.
6. Get the top songs that are being listened to by the whole user base of WeTunes, to give you a better idea of the best songs.
7. An intuitive rating system, that rates songs not only the ratings given but also takes into account the number of times it has been played and suggested.

1. Full Internet Access
Used to connect with other users online!
2. Send SMS
Allows the application to send SMS messages.

About WeTunes App:-
UPDATED: December 8, 2011
REQUIRES ANDROID: Android 2.2 and up
CATEGORY: Music & Audio
SIZE: 164k

Download WeTunes Android App

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