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Galaxy S4 Review Features Specifications – Price in India

If a person is a loyal Samsung Galaxy user, they’ll easily make the transition from the Galaxy S3 to the Galaxy S4 and will never look back with regret. That being said, if a person is looking to make the switch from an iPhone or an HTC device or an Sony Xperia device they may have some qualms before diving in head first.

It’s important to look at the things that made the Galaxy S4 the cutting edge smart phone and if Samsung decided to keep them as well as what changes they made in attempt to totally corner the market.

Galaxy S4 Review Features Specifications 

Body – Design


When holding a Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 side by side, people might not be able to tell a huge difference between the models as they have somewhat same design look. The Galaxy S4 has a slightly bigger screen at 4.99 inches and is around 5 mm longer but also 1 mm slimmer. As far as the looks go there is a metallic banding around the Galaxy S4 but otherwise the colors and feel is the same as the Galaxy S3.

As far as the materials of the Galaxy S4 are concerned , Samsung stuck to it’s somewhat trademark plastic design look. Many people would have loved for the Galaxy S4 to implement a metallic cover or aluminium frame design just like Xperia Z or like that in the HTC One in a feature that would’ve made the Galaxy S4 the hands down prettiest and fastest running smart phone but Samsung views a plastic build as a tried and true method.

By utilizing the same plastic design, Samsung already has mass production techniques in place and the device is more affordable to the customer. Besides, plastic phones are notably more durable than their counterparts in the field.

Screen Size Display

For most consumers the screen is the deal breaker when it comes to assessing a smart phone. Samsung knows this and is prepared to answer the bell with their 4.99” Super AMOLED Hyper display. Compared to other phones, the Galaxy S4 doesn’t achieve the same PPI (pixels per inch) but that’s mostly because of the AMOLED technology compared to the standard LCD display that other phone manufacturers incorporate. Still the Galaxy S4 features a full HD 1080p display and still maintains a pretty respectable 441 PPI.



Samsung has unveiled two models in regards to the processors in their Galaxy S4 designs, either the standard quad core or the super powerful eight core Octa Processor. One of the marketing ploys that Samsung is taking with their Galaxy S4 is the increased gaming potential of the device and in order to back up those claims, they needed to pack plenty of silicon under the hood.


Power is supplied by a 2600mAH battery, which is an improvement over the Galaxy S3 but still not enough to handle the increased power under the hood. Most gamers will tell you they’d prefer super HD graphics and fast gameplay if all it meant was that the phone’s battery was going to drain faster.

Android OS

The Galaxy S4 is also programmed with the latest version of Android the 4.2.2. Jelly Bean. As most Android phone owners know the newest version doesn’t stay that way for long and the Key Lime Pie programming version is ready to be unveiled soon.
Still, one would think Samsung’s developers are on the fast track for an upgrade since the release of the Galaxy S4 and the Key Lime Pie are so close in proximity – when somebody buys something new, they don’t instantly want it to be out of date.


One of the detail-stuffed features of the Galaxy S4 is the camera, a 13 megapixel device that also shoots in 1080p HD video. This could be really big for face soap manufacturers as now uploaded Facebook videos will show a close up view of a person’s pores. Besides stunning capture, the Galaxt S4 camera includes features that can make even amateurs look like a photography professional.

For instance, the phone can take images from the front and the rear so now a picture of Sasquatch can also be inter-layed with the photographers reaction. The Galaxy S4 also makes it easier to make animated .gif, taking video of Sasquatch walking while keeping the background stationary.
Another cool add on is the ability to add up to 10 seconds of audio to a single solitary shot – think a picture of a babbling brook set to a background of calm water trickling… and a person shrieking when Sasquatch approaches. One more thing about the Galaxy S4 photo taking abilities is that it makes it easier for a person to delete unwanted people from a photograph…for when Sasquatch photo-bombs a young couple in love’s prom pictures.

NFC Payment Control 


Near field contact (NFC) is the technology that allows phones to talk to each other when tapped. While the Galaxy S4 has this feature already built into it, other devices must follow suit to get full use out of it. Sometime soon music playlists will be transferred with a tap but also bills will be paid by tapping a till and fast food can be purchased with a simple wave.

Eye Recognition Scroll Feature

The Samsung Galaxy S4 thrives on body recognition. In eye recognition for example the S4 will identify when your pupils are on the device so that it prevents from dimming the backlight. Additionally when browsing through web pages the sites will automatically scroll down as your eyes near the bottom of the screen, also great for when built into Kindle apps in the future.

Smart-Pause technology

Additionally the smart-pause technology will pause a streaming video if you look away to see what your dog just broke or if you’re watching multiple sports games on a TV and the phone.

Finger hover technology

Finger hover technology also recognizes your finger when you go to swipe to different screens which is nice while web browsing and simultaneously eating greasy pizza.

Galaxy S4 Price in India – Launch Date in India

Gaga over Galaxy S4 is everywhere, so the Indian users are also waiting for it. It has been confirmed that Samsung Galaxy S4, Indian version will be launched in India in the month of May. Galaxy S4 Price in India is being speculated at Rs45,000.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is much like a old wine in the new bottle with a brand new label and taste 😛

So far all the major carriers have said they will support the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the design and software additions have truly made it a smart phone that every different type of user can wrap their hands around. There’s something for the gamer, the streamer, the exerciser, the rocker, and heaven forbid even the person that simply makes calls…and also Sasquatch.

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