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Google Project Glass Explorer Edition Price in US $1500 Review

Google wowed the world earlier in 2012 when it revealed that it was working on a new augmented reality device call Project Glass. It has since revealed a few more details about the initiative, as well as pulling a number of stunts in order to promote the potential of this Android-powered set of specs.

The latest news relating to Project Glass comes courtesy of Google founder Sergey Brin who was speaking about the progress of the search giant`s work in recent weeks. He said that consumers will be able to get access to the completed version of this gadget within a couple of years, with a tentative release window of 2014 being placed on the device.

Software developers will be able to experiment with what Google is referring to as the Explorer Edition of Project Glass in the first half of 2013, allowing them to get to grips with the hardware as well as allowing them to start developing and adapting Android applications so that there are a decent array of functions onboard the gadget when it arrives.

Features and Specifications of Google Project Glass Explorer Edition Price in India Rs. 84000 , Price in US $15000 , Price in UK , Europe £960 :- Google Project Glass Explorer Edition Review…

  • In a major publicity event at the end of June, Google involved a number of extreme sports enthusiasts in a demonstration of the potential of Project Glass. It indicated that it would be possible to stream live video from the specs using the Google+ Hangouts feature so that friends could watch your antics online.
  • The gathered press noted that there was not a single interruption to the video feeds throughout the demonstration and not a single pair of the glasses became dislodged even once, which bodes well for the stability of these gadgets once they come to market.

There have of course been those who have criticized project glass, with some complaining that it will further infringe on the privacy of users while others believe that it will simply end up with Google blasting advertisements straight into the faces of users, echoing its ad-based model on the internet.

Of course since so little is actually known about the final product that all of this is simply speculation, so hopefully Google will deliver something memorable and functional that will evolve over the years. Project Glass is the kind of thing which could eventually overtake smartphones, although people are unlikely to want to permanently don glasses if there are alternatives available.
Scientists have already begun working on LED displays which can be embedded in contact lenses and give the impression that a screen is being projected in front of the user, so there is plenty of leeway in terms of the technology.

Price of Google Project Glass Explorer Edition in India Rs. 84000* (approx),  Price of Google Project Glass Explorer Edition  in US $1500* (approx) ,  Price of Google Project Glass Explorer Edition in UK , Europe £960 (approx) *Source Engagdet.

Pre-orders for the Project Glass Explorer Edition specs have already begun, with Google opening this up to developers during its I/O event this year. The price of $1500 seems relatively reasonable for this cutting edge hardware and Google will no doubt be hoping that it is one day able to match the iPad 2 and its successors for popularity.

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