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How to install Android on iPhone/iPod touch

Ever wondered how an iPhone would look like with Android’s software? If the answer is affirmative, take a couple of minutes to read this tutorial about installing Android on Apple’s iPhone. Who knows, maybe you’ll even get one of your friends who is using an iPhone to join the big Android family when he tries this.

 How to install Android on iPhone/iPod touch


Installing Android software on an iPhone is only possible if the iPhone is jailbreaked. So, be sure that that is the case before continuing with this tutorial. Once on your iPhone, open Cydia>Manage tab at the bottom>Sources>Edit>Add. When it asks you to enter Cydia/APT URL, enter the following: http://apt.modmyi.com/ and click on Add source. Next, click on the search tab at the bottom and type in „Dreamboard“. Click on the result with the little blue icon and download Dreamboard.


If you have older versions of the iPhone (less than iOS5) with the smaller screen, you are all set and can disregard the next step. But, if you have newer versions (iOS5 and later) with the bigger screen, you are going to need the Endroid Widescreen. Search for it and download it so it could allow you to have a full screen display of the Android software on your iPhone.


Having done that, open DreamBoard and you will see your themes. You’ll see the Endroid, a preinstalled Android HTC based theme and the Endroid Widescreen if you have downloaded it. Choose the one that fits on your version of iPhone and start using Android software on your iPhone.


And you are done. This easy and simple tutorial on installing Android on iPhone/iPod touch is finished and you’re free to experience all the benefits that Android OS has to offer on an iPhone.

Video How to install Android on iPhone/iPod touch

Video How To: Install Android OS On iPhone 3G- iPhoDroid

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