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How to install Android OS on PC

Today we will be talking about installing Android operating system on your computer. Before we begin this tutorial, we should mention the software you need to have in order to successfully install Android on your computer. The first software is VirtualBox by Oracle and the other is the .ISO file of Android Live CD. You can download VirtualBox for free from www.virtualbox.org. Simply choose your computer’s configuration and select the version of the program for download. The second file needed for this tutorial is available at http://code.google.com/p/live-android/ where you can click on the download link and select the type of download which suits you the best.

 How to install Android OS on PC


Once you have both files downloaded on your computer, we can start. Open the VirtualBox and choose the name for your virtual machine and the type of the guest operating system you plan to install onto the virtual machine. Choose whichever name of the virtual machine you see fit, but make sure you select Linux under OS Type (under Version choose “Other Linux”) because the Android OS has Linux kernel in it. Next, confirm the recommended base memory size of 256 MB.


Now you are going to need to have a new hard disk to be used as the boot hard disk – you can either create a new one or use an existing. We recommend creating a new one. It is done by clicking on “Create new hard disk”>Next>”Hard disk storage type” where you should choose “fixed-size storage”. You can safely enter the size of 2 GB which should be more than enough and click on next in order to create the new hard disk. After the hard disk has been created, press next to see the summary of the virtual machine you are about to create. If everything displayed is correct, press the finish button.


Now you will have to mount the .iso file on the newly created virtual machine. You can do this in the VirtualBox when you click on Settings>Storage and under “Storage tree” choose the icon called “Empty”. Then, under “Attributes” click the icon right next to the slot CD/DVD Device which will ask you to choose a CD/DVD image. Click “Add” and find the location where you saved your liveandroid .iso file and double-click it. Now it will appear in your CD/DVD Images in the Virtual Media Manager where you will be able to select. When you are back in the Settings of your virtual machine, go to “System” and, under “Motherboard”, uncheck “Enable absolute pointing device”. When you disable this category, only a standard PS/2 mouse will be emulated. Once you have done it, press “OK” to return to the program’s main window.


Now you can click on Start to get the VirtualBox up and running. When you see a message saying that the Virtual machine does not support mouse pointer integration in the current video mode, just click OK and continue until you see the home screen of the Android Live. When another message pops up, click on Capture in order for the Virtual Machine to capture the host mouse pointer and the keyboard which will make them unavailable to other applications running on your host machine.


You can now try the Android OS on your computer, browse the web, play videos, and listen to music and everything you like on your Android device. When you are done and want to exit the program, simply click on the escape key on your keyboard and close the program (press the right Ctrl key to get your original computer mouse pointer back). That is it, enjoy the Android OS on your PC.

Video How to install Android OS on PC 

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  1. Kimi Hennessy says:

    I needbto chose a netbook/laptop that is JAWS proof

  2. fishtire says:


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  4. Shine Raj says:

    Weekend project. If I use my existing android device login, will it sync all the mobile apps on my laptop too? Would like to see if watsapp etc can be used on both the devices simultaneously.

  5. Chad McKeown says:

    I hate asking you a stupid question but, will this work on a Samsung 10.1 tablet? Also if you will humor me a little longer, do you have any idea how to use the SD CARD on the tablet? I have asked for help with it at Best Buy they had no idea. I have another tablet by visio and it gives a choice to sa ve to the card, but the Samsung doesn’t. I have a 32gb card installed, but cannot find a way to get the information to it and my memory is at maximum amount of room. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • TravisM says:


      What operating system and processor is running on your Samsung 10.1 tablet?

      If it is not running Windows, Mac, Linux or Solaris operating system on an x86 processor, it will not work.

  6. Eric says:

    The iso images are dated 2009. Are there any more current images available?

  7. Manoj Pal says:

    Will try on this weekend and exited to use all app on my laptop . will it work same as on phone ?

  8. Android says:

    Go google.com type in Android X86 the latest one os 2/2013 works good for a notebook laptop also try bluestacks.com and running Linux google andro VM right now i running android 4.2 on Ubuntu 13.o4 it working great.

  9. Rudy says:

    I have a Dell 10.1 netbook that I would like to apply this too. Is it possible? It uses Windows 7 Starter and it is an Atom 1.6Ghz processor. It’s currently collecting dust, so I’d like to use it for this if possible. Thanks.

  10. Shub says:

    does working on VM of Android slows down the PC too “BADLY”…i mean i have a 2gb RAM PC…will it work f9 on it??

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