Published On: Thu, Jun 27th, 2013

How to Manage Android Keyboard by Using these Keyboard Apps

It’s already the digital age and anyone who uses gadgets like computers and smartphones would require the proper usage of keyboard. If you know the tricks on how to use keyboard, then you will become more productive and things will be done quickly. For Android users, there are several keyboard applications to choose from because Android is concern about your personal choice and the ability to customize keyboards depending on your needs. You can make use of the pre-installed Android keyboard or upgrade into something that will offer you customizable interface. Here are some of the Android keyboard app choices that could help you get things done quicker before that little voice in your head would stop giving you enormous ideas before you even forget them:

TouchPal Keyboard

  • TouchPal Keyboard – if you are looking for keyboard that will allow you to slide and tap, then this is the right keyboard application for you. Aside from its elegant design, Android users have the option to change the keyboard into reduced T12 mode so that several letters will show on the same key. T12 is similar to the dial pad of the traditional phone. If you have Twitter account, then you can easily integrate it with TouchPal keyboard making it simple to send tweets. This Android keyboard app is downloadable for free and you can change the skin of the keyboard too. Download TouchPal Keyboard


SwiftKey Keyboard

  • SwiftKey Keyboard – this is probably the top choice among the numerous Android keyboard apps. The keyboard layout is attractive and provides next-word prediction that means SwiftKey can figure out the next thing that you have to say. However, this keyboard app comes with a minimal cost and is available both for smartphone and tablet devices. Download SwiftKey Keyboard



Thumb Keyboard

  • Thumb Keyboard – if you want to have a wide variety of theme and the ability to choose your own keyboard background, then you should download Thumb Keyboard for a minimal cost. You can change the color of keyboards and customize the secondary symbols depending on how you want them to be arranged. It works as the standard keyboard or in split format that we usually find in tablets. If you opt for the split keyboard version, the Thumb Keyboard will occupy most of the screen space. The special characters, arrow keys and number pads are found in the center of the screen. Download Thumb Keyboard


Swype Keyboard

  • Swype Keyboard – for only 99 cents this Android keyboard is still one of the solid contender when it comes to the most popular keyboard app. It is swipe-based and the accuracy rate is quite impressive too. Next-word prediction is also available in this app whenever the tap-to-type interface is used. It can recognize hand-writing and if you are going to use it on Android tablets, you have the option to use the standard keyboard or the split-format. The downside of this keyboard app is that you are required to install Dragon Dictation System in order to use the voice recognition function of the Android device. Download Swype Keyboard


A.I.type Keyboard

  • A.I Type Keyboard – one of the significant features of this keyboard app is “Float-N-Split” mode. If you are using a large screen Android device, you have the option to split the keyboard into half. Each part can be resized and can work independently too. The functions Copy/Paste and Undo are also possible once you activated the secondary functions of the keyboard by doing a long press. Download A.I Type Keyboard

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