Published On: Fri, Jun 28th, 2013

How to Save Battery Life on Android Phones

Android phones have thousands of great functions, applications and possibilities for you to enjoy in. It’s no wonder that most of the users have to recharge their device’s battery at least once a day. Today we will share some tips that you could use in order to save a little of that precious battery life on your Android phone.

First of all, the most logical and obvious choice, the wallpaper. Live wallpapers, even though they look better and fancier, are going to drain your battery numerous times faster than just pictures on your display. If you are looking for maximum battery saving, we recommend choosing only a black or other dark background in order for less energy to be used. Brightness can also be a huge battery eater. Go to Menu>Settings>Display and choose Brightness. Uncheck Automatic brightness and, depending on your preferences, choose a lower value for brightness, as low as you can go with it being comfortable.


Other than that, there’s also syncing your applications with your accounts like Facebook, Twitter etc. You can set the sync settings to longer intervals in order to save even more battery life because syncing and automatically updating eats a lot of your battery. Widgets are also known to drain your battery very quickly. If you have widgets on your home screen that you do not use frequently, get rid of them because this will prolong the duration of the battery. It would also be wise to uninstall all the apps that you have downloaded from the Play store, but do not use anymore because those will drain battery as well.

As far as applications are concerned, make sure you turn them off when you exit them and do not leave them running in the background unless you specifically need them to remain opened. So, don’t exit the app by simply tapping the Home button of your Android device, but by pressing exit in the app or by pressing the Back button and that way you’ll be able to enjoy your Android a little longer than before.

Another great battery life saver can be found in advanced Wi-Fi settings. Go to Menu>Settings>Wireless and network>Wi-Fi settings and then press Menu>Advanced. Click on Wi-Fi sleep policy and choose “Never”. By doing this, your phone will not be allowed to automatically connect to 3G as soon as your screen goes to sleep and drain battery life a lot faster than being connected via Wi-Fi.

One last advice is saving battery life by turning off all your radios while you are not using them. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G or 4G network are without a doubt a necessity, but if you are not using them all the time, there is really no reason for all of them to be turned on at all times. You can turn some of them off while you have no need for them because their constant functioning takes huge amounts of your Android phone’s battery life.

And with that tip we conclude our today’s post about saving battery life on your Android device. Make sure to comment and share some tips about what you do in order to save battery life on your Android.

How to Save Battery Life on Android Phones

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    Ya thats a cool trick to save battery life.

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