Published On: Sat, Oct 26th, 2013

HTC One Max with 5.9 inch full HD display

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The HTC One was received very well by most people but surprisingly it didn’t sell in very good numbers. It has a good design and the built quality is better than any other device in its class. Now HTC is trying to start with these points and come up with a phablet, the One Max. Until now, HTC was keeping device sizes in control and didn’t come up with unusually large mobile phones. This time however they made an exception.

Apart from the large screen size, there has been another feature that has made it to the One Max. It is a fingerprint scanner placed on the back of this device. It would allow unlocking the device and perform various other functions. We saw apple put a fingerprint scanner on their latest iPhone, the iPhone 5S. We will talk more about this feature later in this article. Let’s take a look at other bits of this device.

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The One Max looks like a scaled up version of the One or One mini. There are aluminum panels on either side of the display with the punched grille speakers. These BoomSound speakers provide you with proper stereo effect when you hold the device in landscape. The design is neat and manages to look elegant. You won’t notice the black bezel around the display until you turn on the display. This device is very heavy at 217 gms and the large display means it is difficult to hold too. The aluminum finish makes it slippery making things even worse.

The back is curved from side to side like the One and the central panel is separated from the top and bottom panel by plastic strips. In the middle there is the HTC logo and above that sit the camera and fingerprint scanner. While most of the design details are same as the previous two models, they have made some changes here. The HTC One Max isn’t a Unibody and you can pop open that middle plate using the sliding button on the side. It is easy to remove this panel but getting it back on is a tough job really. We expected something like this with a panel this big.

Now you must be thinking that it has got a removable panel so it would have a removable battery. It is not the case here. The panel can be removed to access the SIM slot and micro SD slot. We really fail to see the point. Why can’t they insert the SIM and micro SD card from the side of the device. Or maybe go for a setup like the HTC One V where only a very small lower part of panel can be removed.


We absolutely loved the display of this device. It is a 5.9 inch Super LCD3 panel with full HD resolution. It has a pixel density of 367 pixels per inch. The image quality is superb with good colours and contrast. We see a display of almost similar size on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which is an AMOLED unit. Apart from the contrast ratio, this display is better than the AMOLED on Note 3 in every other way. You would love browsing or watching high definition videos on this display.


While this device came long after the first Snapdragon 800 devices came in, it runs the same hardware as the HTC One. We have no complaints against the hardware as it still has a lot of power and you will not need more power anytime soon. It has got a snapdragon 600 quad core processor running at a clock speed of 1.7 GHz, 2 GB of RAM and an Adreno 320 GPU. It can handle anything from high end gaming to crazy levels of multitasking without breaking a sweat. They have squeezed every drop out of that hardware and you get impressive benchmark scores too.


It has got almost the same camera as the HTC One. The camera has a 4.3 megapixel ultrapixel sensor and has an aperture of f/2.0. We said almost because they have decided not to put optical image stabilization in the camera on One Max. The camera on One and One mini have got OIS which helps a lot with the blur. Sure the camera is good and the image quality is acceptable. There is a bit of noise but you get that in the One too. Lack of OIS makes a difference in photos you click while moving or in the videos.


This device gets a huge 3300 mAh battery and it would give you superb battery life. This device can do two days of mild usage and maybe even survive halfway through the third. Obviously people who can’t put down their device will drain it fast but still it will be able to last a day with ease.

Fingerprint scanner

This was one of the most talked about feature of this device but apparently it was moved down the priority list when we were talking about the device. This is because while the scanner on iPhone is a convenience, the one on this device is just an addition and not a convenience. It is awkwardly place and you would take a while getting used to its position. Also the unlock using fingerprints isn’t seamless like the iPhone. On the iPhone, you press the button which in the process scans your finger. Here you would have to press the power key first and then put the finger on scanner to unlock the device.


This phone is a beaut and we don’t like to hear anything against it. The display is superb and the hardware is powerful. This phone sounds like a tasty deal but it comes with a big price tag. And for that you get a fingerprint scanner that is a waste and a camera that can’t shoot clear videos. We would suggest this device only if you are okay with the camera and can ignore the bulk

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