Published On: Fri, Aug 19th, 2011

Top 5 Tips to Increase 3G speed in Android Phones

The beauty of a 3G Android phone is its speed with downloads, chat and even internet. However, this is never automated; you need to increase the speed of your phone so that you get the best value out of it. 

The problem is faced even by latest Android phone users as well as those who are in areas of low coverage. Yet, it is real simple to boost the speed of your phone, there are a few instructions you would follow so as to increase the speed of your Android phone. In the following section, we shall consider some tips through which you would boost the speed of your phone.

Instructions for increasing Android 3G Phone speed:-

  • You need to get to the settings of your Android phone which is always found in the Menu of your phone.
  • Once you are at the settings, you should select the wireless and network option and then select the mobile networks.
  • From the mobile networks option, you will select the 3G data dialogue box, it should tick itself when you have selected it.
  • Then, you go back to the ‘about phone’ tab where you will select the system updates option. To go back here you would need to hit the button below back option twice.
  • The next step is to update the PRL. This step ensures that you’re Andoid 3G phone finds more signals of the available network so that the towers refresh. It changes the signal strength of the network so much so that you would note the change in coverage.
  • Hold for some time and then return to home screen and then switch off your phone.
  • Switch on your phone again and activate the airplane mode. However, you can reverse the mode to normal through the same procedure when you feel like.

Even though these simple instructions may seem like a joke, you will be surprised that they actually help you increase the speed of your 3G Android phone and give you a better experience as a user. You should not be discouraged, the stronger the signals of your phone, the faster the speed, so go on give it a try.

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