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Contact directly to Admin via sending an Email on review@androidgyan.com


AndroidGyan is a nofollow (and do follow) blog about Android Firmware Rooting Tutorials. We have Google Page Rank 4  and a reputed Alexa Rank. We appreciate request of all users who are interested in getting their product advertised on our site. and Getting their Products / Website being reviewed by us.

Currently we are offering Sponsored / Paid Advertisements on AndroidGyan.com both in contextual and image form.

We at AndroidGyan do all types of reviews from Sponsored Blog Postings, Paid Advertisements, Writing Product reviews etc.

Ad forms on AndroidGyan:-

  • 468×60 Horizontal Header Banner – After Every Post or At Footer or At Top
  • 234×60 Horizontal Half Banner.- After Every Post or At Footer or At Top
  • 300×250 Medium Rectangle – Sidebar
  • 728×90 Leaderboard. – At Footer of Page
  • 125×125 Vertical Square Buttons – Sidebar
  • 120×600 Skyscraper – Sidebar
  • 468×15 Horizontal Link Units – After Every Post or At Footer or at Top or at Below each post.
Advertising  / Writing Reviews Policy:-

  • No Adult ads and reviews are sponsored, only ads and reviews which pass our family filter will be displayed. No 18+ ads.
  • Provided ads image must be in .jpeg / .jpg / .png/ .gif format. All Swf cum FLASH Ads will be charged more. All images must be in compressed format.
  • To get your site reviewed by us, you need to send us all the essential contents to get your product tested by us or you can also write up the content by yourself and send to us to get posted.
Apply for Textual Advertisements on AndroidGyan.com?

  • TEXT Ads like Sponsored paid text links are also featured in case if service provided by the company is lot useful for our readers, as we do not want to annoy them with any unwanted links. As TEXT Links/Ads are more likely to get clicked by the readers and they can be placed anywhere on the site so placement charges of Text Ads Links are higher as compared to Image ads (*Depending upon placement area of ads on the site and duration for which advertisement is placed.)
Apply for Image / Flash Advertisements on AndroidGyan.com?

  • Sponsored Paid Image Ads attract more attentions of visitors as they are more eye catchy then other ads. So we prefer more on posting image ads.
Apply for Getting Products Reviewed / Websites Reviewed on AndroidGyan.com ?

  • We write reviews about any new android or technological product launched in market and about nay new website launched. All the reviews written reach to our large variety of audience getting a lot attention.
  • All content written will be favored by some backlinks to your products official website and no more than 500 words content is allowed.
Apply for Getting Android / other Related APPS Featured on AndroidGyan.com ?

  • All the service providers are welcomed to get their app featured exclusively on our site. We will be posting a full review of your product app with all specifications and testings.
Payment Details :- 

  • Minimum Charges to get your Website / Product Reviewed on our site is $75 (*Prices are negotiable in case content supplied is good)
  • Featuring any APP. on our Exclusive Featured Section on the very first page of the website costs minimum $100 , as it gets the most attention on the website.  (*Prices are negotiable in case content supplied is good)
  • Paid / Sponsored Advertisements cost depends upon the type of ad featured and for how long.
  • MINIMUM REVIEW / ADVERTISEMENT PRICE taken $75 in every possible case.
[ All the Prices mentioned above are MINIMUM Amount charged by us, actual amount can exceed the above mentioned price and in every possible case can also be less]

Payment Methods :-

  • At Present all Payments are accepted via PAYPAL ( in case of bigger amounts, Bank transfer also favored )
  • Payment Mode accepted :- PayPal and Bank / Wire Transfer
<<<All the Prices charged are negotiable if service provided by customer is good>>>

Contact Administrator for REVIEW / ADVERTISEMENT Request :-

Clearly mentioning the subject in email as “ REVIEW / ADVERTISEMENT Request on AndroidGyan.com”. If the above mentioned subject is not seen present in the mail, system will discard it as a spam and your request will not be taken. So kindly mention the above subject in your email to admin.

  • Use our email address to send your request, here also kindly please mention the same above subject…

All the requests received will be answered back in 2-3 business days or as soon as possible.
Thanks for contacting AndroidGyan.Com

If you have already got any service from AndroidGyan.com and found it useful. Kindly recommend our blog to other customers and flaunt in on your website or write a small feedback on your website regarding our service provided to you. It will be a lot for us.

Kindly put this on your website to recommend us by putting this pic on your reviewed product / app url...

Thanks for contacting AndroidGyan.Com.

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