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Root CDMA and GSM Motorola Razr xt910 on ICS 4.0.4

Motorola Razar and all Motorola devices normally comes with their bootloader unlocked forever, though the developers have been able to root the device. Yes, this time XDA Developer hacker812c has come up with a method to root Razar CDMA and GSM on Android 4.0.4 ICS successfully  using Windows CMD or manually by using Linux Terminal.

Supported Devices :-

  • Successfully runs in both CDMA and GSM versions of Razar.
  • All versions of ICS Android 4.0.4 Razar are supported.
  • Running in all versions of ICS Leaks and ICS Brazil and ICS China ( Android 4.0.3)
Below Described method is successfully tested on Motorola Razar xt910 without any errors…
How to Root CDMA and GSM Razr xt910 on ICS 4.0.4 :- 

Requirements :- 

  • Check for USB computer Connection, if it is “Mass storage”…it shouldn’t be. Better change it to “Media device”.
  • Android Configuration must be “Debug Mode”.
  • Download the Below given two files…
Download su I 21.84 Kb

Rooting Method :- [ Manually

  • Download the above two files “su” and “debugfs”.
  • Save the above two downloaded files on your /sdcard for that you need to mount your /sdcard in windows or you can “adb push” them to /sdcard
  • Open your Linus Terminal / Windows CMD…All commands are started after the symbol “#”
  • Run all commands given below, If no reboot then, open new CMD window enter adb reboot…run all sequence commands and reboot with command “adb reboot” or with normally shutdown.
  • Now you need to install superuser.apk. Get it from Android Market.
  • Now you need to install “OTA ROOT KEEPER” and kindly back up your ROOT.
  • Now you to install “ROOT CHECKER BASIC” and “ROOT” access is tested.
  • If your first test fails, then reboot and restart…
  • Now run all commands again, if no reboot…please run all commands again.
  • Kindly reboot with finish all commands.
  • If you are failed with seconds test too , then run the script below given at end.
Commands to be Run :- 

adb shell
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # cd /sdcard
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # cp su /data/local/12m/
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # cp debugfs /data/local/12m/
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # cd /data/local/12m
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # chmod 755 su
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # chmod 755 debugfs
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # mv batch batch.bak
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # ln -s /dev/block/mmcblk1p20 batch
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # reboot

In meantime you are waiting for the reboot, kindly type the given below commands in Linux Terminal / Windows CMD…

adb wait-for-device shell

As soon as you are back into android shell :

shell@cdma_maserati:/ # cd /data/local/12m
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # rm batch
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # mv batch.bak batch
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # /data/local/12m/debugfs -w /dev/block/mmcblk1p20

(The following is entered at the “debugfs:” prompt)

debugfs: # cd xbin
debugfs: # write /data/local/12m/su su
debugfs: # set_inode_field su mode 0104755
debugfs: # set_inode_field su uid 0
debugfs: # set_inode_field su gid 0
debugfs: # quit

shell@cdma_maserati:/ # cd /data/local/12m
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # rm su
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # rm debugfs
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # reboot 

Download the Superuser.apk from Google Play.

[SCRIPT] Exploit Script, XDA Developer hacker812c claims to get his Razr xt910 rooted only with windows CMD.
ROOT-ICS.zip I 1.4 MB.

Script with Correction in 6th line as shell@cdma_maserati:/ # chmod 755 su

If you face any problem in rooting your Razr, kindly leave comments or view the original thread on XDA.
Credits :- XDA

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