Published On: Thu, Aug 25th, 2011

Tips to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830 on Gingerbread Firmware 2.3.4 XXKPH

In this article, we will focus on the procedure to root Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830 on Gingerbread Firmware. We need not to mention that that the discussed procedure is only valid for Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830 on Gingerbread Firmware 2.3.3 or 2.3.4.
Do not try an experiment with any other phone else that may brick forever. In addition, Rooting will lead to end of warranty and support provided by manufacturer.

Pre Rooting Instructions:

Follow these pre-rooting instructions:

  • Ensure availability of a compatible USB cord to connect Galaxy Ace GT with computer. The PC/laptop must be running on windows XP sp2 or later.
  • It very important to create a proper backup of data present on phone before rooting it. Create backup of call log, applications, messages, music, videos and other important data. This backup will be required to restore data after completion of the rooting-process.
  • Write down the important settings such as APN to reconfigure phone at later stage.
  • User must ensure a minimum battery power of 60%. In case of insufficient battery, the phone might become dead in-between the rooting-process and brick forever.

Procedure to Root Galaxy Ace S5830:
Follow the instructions stated below:

  • Ensure that you have followed and implemented the pre-root instruction.
  • Then connect the phone with PC with help of a USB cable.
  • Download the “Galaxy Ace Rooting Package” i.e. GalaxyAce_RootingPackage.zip (For Password, Leave Comments) and copy the zip file to the root of SD card. (ensure to download the correct version of file and not any other rooting package)
  • Detach phone from PC and remove the USB cable.
  • Now, set the phone to recovery mode by pressing OK button, Power button and Volume Down button simultaneously.
  • In the recovery mode select “update from SD card” an then select the file that you placed earlier on the SD card
  • Now, wait until the processing completes and no need to panic.
  • The phone will automatically reboot upon completion of the process. If not then reboot it manually (only after the processing is complete)

Now you are ready to enjoy the benefits of rooted Root Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830 on Gingerbread Firmware provided you followed the instructions carefully.

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