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Root Xperia J on Jelly Bean 11.2.A.0.21 firmware – Tutorial

Root Xperia j

Well it has been almost 13 days since Xperia J ST26i was updated to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware build number 11.2.A.0.21. From that very day users are searching and asking us How to Root Xperia J on Jelly Bean 11.2.A.0.21 firmware ? Now we have come up with a solution which will allow you to root your Xperia J on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean with one click only.

Root Xperia J on Jelly Bean 11.2.A.0.21 firmware

If you still have not updated your root Xperia J, please update your phone. Here is the full tutorial “Update Xperia J to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean 11.2.A.0.21 Firmware – Review Tutorial

Root Xperia J on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean 11.2.A.0.21 firmware

Supposing your phone Xperia J is already on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware 11.2.A.0.21 with 3.4.0 Kernel version, if it is please read the steps below to root your Xperia J.Pre-requisites

Unlock Bootloader of Xperia J ST26i

  • Bootloader on your Xperia J must be unlocked. If you have not unlocked the bootloader of your Xperia J, read the official steps to unlock the bootloader on Xperia J. It’s a MUST step, not doing this, your Xperia J will not be rooted. Remember unlocking the bootloader on your Xperia J will void it’s warranty. See Sony’s official unlock bootloader service.
  • You need to download the official Flashtool for Xperia devices to root your phone.
Flash Tool for Xperia is also called as “Emma” software which you will be needing to flash Firefox OS. Download it from given below link. Read the Official Sony Guide to Download and use “FlashTool For Xperia
Download Flashtool v0.9.10.1 I 109 MB

You can refer to any of the above 3 steps to get Flashtool for Xperia devcies.

  • Now when you have unlocked the bootloader of your Xperia J and have flashtool also then now go to “settings > developer option > enable USB Debugging” and “settings > security > Allow installation on non-market apps”.
Check screenshot below for rooting Xperia J
enable usb debugging in xperia j
  • Now finally connect your Phone to PC, all drivers installed done. Now begin the real process of rooting your Xperia J.

Rooting Xperia J on Jelly Bean 11.2.A.0.21 firmware – Root Xperia j

Root Xperia j
  • After connecting your Xperia J to PC, download file  root_xperia_signed.zip
  • After downloading the above file, copy “root_xperia_signed.zip” to your external SD card of phone.
  • Disconnect your phone from PC and switch it off.
  • Now launch your “Flashtool for Xperia” and while pressing “Volume+” button connect your phone to PC, a blue LED notification will appear which indicates you are in a FastBoot mode now.
  • Now Download file boot.img.
  • After downloading the above file, copy “boot.img” to the folder flashtool/firmwares.
  • Now in the flashtool click on the “Black lightning icon” and choose “FastBoot” mode and click Ok.
Rooting Xperia J on Jelly Bean 11.2.A.0.21 firmware
  • Now choose option “Select kernel to Flash” in next dialog box (Root Xperia J)
  • Now navigate to the folder flashtool/firmwares and choose “boot.img” file and it will be automatically be flashed on your Xperia J.
  • Shut down you phone as when flashing finishes.
  • WARNING – Following process must be done very fast or you will see a “Grey screen” error, if it comes, take out your phone’s battery and then perform the following task again at a fast rate. TASK > Now switch on your phone and connect it to your PC, holding and pressing “Volume+” button again and again.
  • If you have done above task correctly, now your Xperia J will enter into “CWM recovery” and now click on option “install zip from SD card” and navigate to find the “root_xperia_signed.zip” on your SD card and then flash it..!!
  • As soon as flashing finishes, click on “reboot system” now don’t  wait for rebooting, just immediately take out your phone’s battery and then put it back. Don’t switch on your phone back.
  • Now you need to download file kernel.sin and copy this file to folder flashtool/firmwares and flash this file to your Xperia J via method described above in the picture.
  • Now disconnect your phone from PC as soon as flashing of above file takes place and switch it on back.
Say Cheers 🙂 your Xperia J is now rooted on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean 11.2.A.0.21 firmware. You can try installing app “SuperSU” from the play store to see if rooting has been done successfully or not. If app installs, it is done correctly.

Xperia J Root 11.2.A.0.21 firmware photos / Screenshots – Review

Pic showing Root Explorer and SuperSU installed on rooted Xperia J.
 Pic showing Root Explorer and SuperSU installed on rooted Xperia J.
Picture showing Main memory of rooted Xperia J
Picture showing Main memory of rooted Xperia J

If you face any problems in rooting your Xperia J, then do let us know by leaving a comment below we will gladly help you in every possible manner…check out our Sony Xperia Support for more tutorials. 

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  1. thank you Mr.Kumar it was great I rooted my phone cheers

  2. Can you reverse the process and tale your warranty back? Nice post btw

  3. MrShafwan7 says:

    thank you so much my friend !! this tutorial is really usefull, no need to downgrade firmware.
    thanks !! my Xperia J now ROOTED !! <3

  4. Dan says:

    Will these operations remove SIM block as well? I have Xperia J from 3,but I would to use it for giffgaff.

  5. Tony Holmes says:

    Thank you, after reading it all carefully and figuring out Sony’s bootloader unlock I managed to get this working finally 🙂

  6. varun says:

    when i select “boot.img” file from firmware and select,the log say device must be rooted.i’ve done all previous steps correctly.what would be the reason?
    please help

  7. Kanu says:

    Will all of data(apps,music,vids) be deleted or will it stay

  8. Nazirkhan says:

    Ya when i select kernel they said that your device must be rooted first please help :'(

  9. sina says:

    I can this method to root 11.2.A.0.31 ?
    Please response to me
    thank you.

  10. Mark says:

    omg, thank you man, I have made successfully root Xperia J now!

  11. Thx bro….my sony is roooooted…..step by step…and…bammm….sukses…hehehe thxxx…..

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