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Rooting HTC One in a few simple steps

HTC One could be unlocked by following a convenient method. The process involves unlocking the bootloader and downloading several files in the phone from a PC. The process could be completed within an hour but the user should take full responsibility of completing the process as it isn’t coming from HTC.

So you have bought HTC One and now you want to become a true master of the device, you have bought with your money. Since you have bought it, you are at liberty to make changes in its hardware and software. In other words, you are thinking about rooting. It is a process that would provide you privileged control to the menu and features of the phone.

First thing you need to get root access to your price gadget is unlock the bootloader of the HTC One. It is the bootloader that has the key to the root access. Unless it is unlocked, rooting your HTC One would remain a distant dream for you. Visit HTC Dev website to get the job done. The steps to be taken to unlock the bootloader are mentioned in the website. Follow the steps and get quick root access.

The steps involve entering the unlock command to the bootloader using a fastboot. You would be provided a token ID and a file that would help you achieve your goal. Here, it is necessary to mention that you should follow the steps in letter and spirit as trying circumventing the steps would serve no purpose but delay the process.

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After completing these steps, you would be asked to download the TWRP recovery and save it, where other root access files are stored. Depending on the software you are using, you have to choose the root access command. For instance Window 7 and 8 user would enter “cmd” in the Start menu search and press enter. They would use “cd” to navigate to the folder, where unlock files are stored.

Now put the phone in fastboot mode. Switch off the phone and press Power and Volume button together. A menu would come up on the screen that you could scroll with volume buttons and press power button to select. Now the phone could be connected to computer you are using for getting root access. The PC should detect the phone and after the PC has detected the device you could give further commands. Enter fastboot flash recovery twrp.img in cmd and soon the fastboot would show the TWRP recovery on the phone.

The phone would now start running and this is the time when you need downloading SuperUser file  to the phone. Put HTC One into recovery mode to flash the zip file. Now switch off the phone and on it on the bootloader mode and navigate the Recovery option and select the install button to choose the zip file. Soon the zip would be flashed on HTC One. Now the only job left is to reboot the phone.

This is the process that you need following to get root access to your pricey HTC One. Here it is necessary to mention that the process has nothing to do with HTC as it isn’t the company that is directing you to get the root access. Once the phone has been rebooted, you could update the phone with complex applications that are otherwise not allowed by the hardware manufacturer.

Root HTC One

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