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Run .Jar Files / JAVA / J2ME based Games / Applications on Android Phones / Devices / Tablets – Top Ways

Android, no doubt the smartest OS present in today’s smartphone world, which has swiped Symbian, Java OS based phones from today’s technology era completely.
As Android replaced Java based phones so there application users have been reduced but there are still some fascinating Java Platform based applications / J2ME based Games which are popular today also but are not available for Android OS.

Convert j2me MIDP (jad) into Android package (apk)

Android applications runs on a special format called .APK which stands for Application Package Kit means it can run only those applications which are based on .apk format. So a problem arises when an android user wants to run a Java Platform based applications / J2ME based Games on android Phones.

How to How to Run .Jar Files on Android Phones?
As we all know Android supports only .APK format apps means no J2ME app will be able to run on an Android phone, so what do we require is that we need a J2ME converter which can easily convert our all Java Platform based applications / J2ME based Games in .APK format so that they can run on Android phones.

How to Install and Run Android J2ME MIDP Runner application on Android Phone?
adb shell chmod 777 /data/dalvik-cache
adb install C:??andme-signed.apk
Benifit of using Android J2ME MIDP Runner:-
  • We don’t need any Source Code of our .Jar Files, JAD , J2ME based App to convert it to .APK format, Android J2ME MIDP Runner automatically converts the app.
How to Convert .Jar Files, JAD, J2ME Based App to .APK Format Online ?
You have 2 options
Option 1 (Preferred)
Enter url to a j2me MIDP jad file:  

Option 2
Upload both the jad and jar file to be converted
Choose the jad file to upload: 
Choose the jar file to upload:  

Advanced Parameters (Optional), User can further change in the device by selecting “System Menu” and “Config Midlet”
Display Custom screen size 
Display Custom screen size 

Upgrade (Increase version number, required for Android Market upgrade) 
Clean previous cache if exists: 

To get the Commercial License of using this App, Contact Here.
Credits :- This Wonderful has been developed by Netmite Corporation (For info. on User Guide)

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