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How to Run Symbian .Sis .Sisx Files / Games / Application on Android Phone via Sis 2 siSX & Jar Converter V1.0.1.0

Android Smartphone uses generally .Apk extension files to let them installed in an Android based device which cause a trouble for the Symbian applications and Java Based applications which can’t be installed in an Android Device.

Convert j2me MIDP (jad) into Android package (apk)

We at the AndroidGyan.com a back ago posted “How to Run .Jar / Java / J2ME based games and applications on Android phones ” and now have come up with a issue to run / install .sis / .sisx / Symbian based games and applications on Android Phones. 


How to Run / Install Symbian / .sis / .sisx based games and applications on Android Phones ?


.sis / .sisx files and games are the Symbian files / applications which require Symbian OS only to run them and can’t be run / installed on any other OS like Android OS , Windows OS.

Alternative Solution to Run Symbian .Sis .Sisx Files / Games / Application on Android Phone

We need to convert the Symbian .Sis .Sisx files / games / applications to Jar / Jad / Java / .Jar / J2ME based app. with the help of a converter.

Converting Symbian .Sisx .Sis files to .Jar / Java / J2ME / Jad compatible file

We need the original Symbian file’s  source code and have to modify it manually which is a very tedious task. Thereofr we have found out a Converter which will let you convert all your Symbian .Sis / .Sisx files to .Jar / Java /J2ME / Jad files and vice versa, then if you get your Symbian supported files in Java then you can convert your Java /.Jar / J2ME files to .Apk files Here.

Download Sis 2 siSX & Jar Converter V1.0.1.0

Download Sis 2 siSX & Jar Converter V1.0.1.0 
  • It has been significantly developed by AR-GSM Softwares.
  • Sis 2 siSX & Jar Converter V1.0.1.0 has the following program executable files – FP_PL_PFS_INSTALLER-5.exe, iun6002.exe, SIS.exe
  • Below is the screenshot of the converter functionality.

Features of Sis 2 siSX & Jar Converter V1.0.1.0

Convert .Sis to .Sisx (S60 3rd edition apps) / Convert .Sis to .Jar ( Java , Midp , v1.0 , Midp 2.0 apps) / Convert .Sis to Jad / Convert .Sisx to .Sis / Convert .Sisx to .Jar / Convert .Jar to .Sis ( S60 1st and 2nd edition apps)

  • Upload your input file from your source location.
  • Select the type of conversion you want to make.
  • Then click on “Convert and Save” option.
  • Done, you have successfully converted your Symbian .Sis / .Sisx file to .Jar / Java / Jad / J2ME file.
  • Now as you have file in .Jar / Java / J2ME / Jad compatible, you can convert it to the .Apk file with the help of Netmite Corporation developed software.

How to Run .Jar Files / JAVA / J2ME based Games / Applications on Android Phones / Devices / Tablets – Top Ways

Read more: http://www.androidgyan.com/2011/08/run-jar-files-on-android-ways.html

But to be happy is that there is one application in developing phase which will allow users to run Android apps on Non-Android phones like Windows , Blackberry , Symbian powered phones.

Alien Dalvik App 

Excellent Approach to run Symbian files directly on Android phones.

  • Myriad Group  is about to come up with a virtual machine called Alien Dalvik which will enable users to install / run any Android App on any non-android based phone.

At Mobile World Congress, Alien Dalvik will be revealed.
Below you can find the demonstarion working of Alien Dalvik…

Symbian is somewhat capable of running Android, but what users want is that if it could be the case with S^3.
Do let us know if you face any issues regarding running Symbian files into android phone. Comments will be appreciated.

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