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By Jessica Socheski On Friday, April 11th, 2014

Making Your Website Mobile

Why you should optimize your website for mobile viewing and how you can do it Having a great website is vital for any business or personal brand today. You’ve probably already learned all the tricks and used all More...

By Valid Mesic On Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Samsung rumored to be considering pulling an Apple, controlling the accessory market

One thing Apple does that I’m sure we all hate is rule the accessory market with an iron fist. After the update to iOS7, unofficial Lightning cables stopped working properly with iPhones and iPads everywhere. More...

By Valid Mesic On Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Samsung Doesn’t Just Copy Apple; It’s Ripping Off Dyson’s Vacuum Cleaners, Too

Samsung has earned quite a name for itself copying Apple’s most successful products, but it’s not only in smartphones, tablets, computers, and accessories where the South Korean company sources its inspiration More...

By marlinmarketinggroup On Monday, September 2nd, 2013

10 Awesome Spy Apps for the iPhone

Mobile phones have gone from an accessory to a necessity over the years and with the advent of the smartphone, telecommunication will never be the same again. Take for example the applications that are available More...

By marlinmarketinggroup On Friday, June 28th, 2013

Ubuntu Phone: Is It a Hit?

What is it? It is an operating system. Ubuntu phone is the name – just like Windows phone on all Windows phone, phones. We see IOS on all Iphones and Android on most large phone companies. So Ubuntu phone is More...

By marlinmarketinggroup On Thursday, June 27th, 2013

iOS 7 vs. Jellybean 4.2.2: Who’s Gonna Win?

Apple has just released their latest operating system, iOS 7 and Google’s Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 has also been released recently. With these two awesome operating systems available for their respective smartphones More...

By marlinmarketinggroup On Monday, June 24th, 2013

Interesting Facts about Apple’s iOS Features and Release

Apple is one of the biggest names in consumer electronics and information technology. The brand covers a myriad of products such as the line of mobile smartphones (iPhone), music players (iPod), tablet computers More...

By marlinmarketinggroup On Saturday, June 1st, 2013

Blackberry Q10: In Depth Physical Review

Blackberry Q10: In Depth Physical Review Blackberry has been sitting on the side while other mobile companies are gearing their yearly releases of their mobile devices for consumers to feast on. It is like RIM is More...

By marlinmarketinggroup On Saturday, May 25th, 2013

How to Maximize the Battery Life of Your Note 2

I don’t know why many people keep on complaining about the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. In my opinion as a heavy user, my phone is normally empty after a day and a half usage. I am playing with games More...

By Sasa Rendulic On Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Android Sales Vs Apple Sales 2012 – Samsung shares increased

The two great Mobile brands, Apple and Samsung of all times are now fighting to cover more market shares to get on the top. Though Android Mobiles make it easy for Samsung Mobiles to maintain the lead. Android More...