Published On: Mon, Jun 16th, 2014

The Best Android Games Of 2014

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If you have a smartphone, tablet or computer running the Android operating system, you could be missing out on some cool games that are available for download at the current time. We’ve all played Angry Birds and similar released in the past, but the ones I’m going to spend time discussing in this post are a little more special. With that in mind, give me your full attention and let’s take a look at some of the best Android games of 2014. Hopefully, then you won’t get quite so bored when sitting around with the family after your roast dinner next Sunday. Who knows, even your nan might want to get involved.

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Stick Cricket

This game has some pretty fantastic graphics, and best of all? It’s totally free to download. Players are given the choice of bowling or batting in a digital game of cricket that’s incredibly realistic. Sports enthusiasts will love this release, but it’s also great for anyone who likes playing arcade-style games that don’t require any long term commitment. You can simply pick this one up and put it back down as you see fit. There’s no need to remember long storylines, and there’s no obligation to play online if you don’t want to socialise.

Plague Inc

If you love strategy games, you can’t go wrong with this one. Plague Inc allows the user to work on airborne viruses, plan attacks and wipe out entire countries on the way to taking over the world. Some of you may remember the ZX Spectrum game “Theatre of War,” right? Well, this is pretty similar to be fair, only with better graphics and more interesting game play. While it does require a lot of commitment to get through to the end, you’re still able to pick it up and put it down as you see fit.

Deadly Bullet

Did you like playing the original Grand Theft Auto game on the PlayStation one? Well then, you’re guaranteed to love Deadly Bullet. With the same kind of set up, players are expected to travel around the city completing certain tasks and trials in the hope of getting enough cash to buy a mansion in the sun. The only problem of course? With limited ammo, you have to make sure every shot is on target. To be completely honest with you all, this game frustrated me for a little while, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be addicted for weeks. Best of all? It’s free!!!

Radiant Defence

Lastly, if you’ve always loved playing Space Invaders, but you feel the old setup have gotten a bit boring, Radiant Defence is most certainly “right up your street.” With better graphics, more levels and some pretty cool challenges, this one has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times over the last few months. So, don’t miss out on this free release when you know all your friends will already be hooked.

Thanks for reading guys! Hopefully, you now know which Android games you should check out in 2014. Catch you back here soon for some more game-related info.


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