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Top 3 Side effects of Rooting an android device – Disadvantages

It is a common fact that for various Android devices,complete access to files is never provided. Rooting of the devices need to be undertaken, if access is to the thought about. If you need to root an Android device, you will need to provide access to main directory of the device. This in reference of windows is known as administrative rights.


Top 3 Side effects of Rooting an android device – Disadvantages 

A distinct advantage of Rooting is that it gives one control over number of functions and variables. You can install and use a range of apps which would never have been possible with standard device. Even though, if this might be having numerous benefits, some critical side effects also come to notice.

Below are listed three major spin offs of rooting an Android handset, even if the same is a tablet or a handset.

Devoid of Warranty

You need to realize that any attempt for rooting will itself nullify the warranty of the devise. This is infact one of the major side effects of rooting. Most devices come with a warranty. It is usually for one year. In case of any malfunction the company might even replace the set with a new piece.

Any effort to root the handset on part of the customer will end the warranty and the manufacturer will desist from giving you any free benefit. If in case, any fault is noted after rooting, the user will have to get it corrected at their own cost.

United States of America has exception though, the warranty can be claimed even though the devices have been rooted.


Bricking is a critical condition and if this situation arises, the Android phone cannot be used smoothly any further. If bricking happens, it means that total break down of software of device will take place and this is one of the potential side effects of rooting.

This often happens in situations when an untrained person tries to root some Android handset. In case, you decide to go in for bricking, the device can get corrupted and might not be in a position, so that it could be used any further.

Battery Might go Weak

Default firmware and battery life of a device are interrelated. If as a user, you install any unauthorized custom ROM or program, the battery life of the device will get depleted. Chances are bright that the battery longevity of the device will suffer and rooting can fall to an all time low.

If for example, you device was having 10 hour battery life after rooting the same will be reduced to less than 2 hours.

There could be several reasons for the same. It could be an app bug or some missed calibration.

The fact of the matter is that Android users should be taking much care in rooting of their device. One should be using proper tools for performing this activity. In case, one is unable to do rooting, professional programmer can be hired to do the same.

Think twice before rooting your Android device. It has serious implications for you as the user.

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  1. Vinoth says:

    Yes its true, My Android phone is also suffering from this. I don’t know how to revoke it 🙁

  2. Nayan M. Jain says:

    Hey guys this all is true but the first 2points Can b regained.
    Bricking of the phone can b rresolved as well as warranty comes back to you as soon as u install the original version again to ur phone
    So its good to root phone abduction to get all u want to bring Out of urn phone..

  3. Vincent says:

    What happens to my data + downloaded applications after I root a Samsung Galaxy Nexus to run apps that require root access?

    Does rooting mean I lose everything and must reconfigure and download all those apps again?

    Thank you.

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