Published On: Sun, Jun 23rd, 2013

Top 5 Android Education Games for Your Children

If you are like many people, you own a smartphone that is powered by Google’s Android. That particular operating system is the most popular and widespread throughout the world because of the many choices of devices you can get, many for low prices or even free. As a parent who is used to having their children grabbing their phone to play games, it is important that you have appropriate apps available for the little ones installed on your device. Fortunately, there are a number of quality educational apps for children you can download courtesy of Android’s marketplace, Google Play.

Kids Alphabet Game

Kids Alphabet Game

•    Kids Alphabet Game is 99 cents and is the perfect tool to start your preschool aged child toward his or her education. It enables children to prepare for school by teaching them the alphabet. In addition, there are other concepts that involve numbers, colors and hand-eye coordination. This game makes learning the alphabet fun and easy as it is done in a series of games that kids will truly enjoy. Each game is interactive and include cute animation. There are five games included in this app and instruction on how to properly pronounce each of the letters in the alphabet. There are also memory, puzzle and comprehension games that include cartoon animals. Download Kids Alphabet Game.

Educational Games for Kids

Educational Games for Kids

•    Educational Games for Kids is the complete app for children to learn. It is free and includes six mini games in one spot. Recycle Hero is one of the most fun adventure games that teaches kids about how to be kind to the environment. There are 36 levels, with six different world available to unlock while playing. Kids can also learn about recycling with fun puzzles within the app as bonuses. Download Educational Games for Kids.

Kid Mode: Free Games + Lock


•    Kid Mode: Free Games + Lock is free and is similar to Windows Phone 8’s Kids Corner in the sense that it allows you to essentially hide all of your most important apps on your phone from your child when he or she takes your smartphone to play with. Instead, your child will have access to this app alone, which includes several fun games that can teach them valuable lessons. Every child’s age is included, so you can be assured that your kid will find games that are appropriate for him or her to play. There is even a great art studio included that allows children to paint, draw and color. Download Kid Mode: Free Games + Lock.

Super Why!

Super Why

•    Super Why! is $2.99 and is a great fun series of games by PBS Kids. All of the games within this app are geared toward interactive literacy. Your child can learn how to read or improve his or her current reading skills by playing games that include characters from the TV show Super Why! Download Super Why!.

Kids Math Fun

Kids Math Fun

•    Kids Math Fun is a wonderful free app that includes a number of ways for kids to build basic math skills. There are various skill levels included that teach children about the numbers in general, addition, subtraction and multiplication. The three levels all include great animations that will keep your child engaged. It is a fun way to learn how to do math that your child will play for hours. Download Kids Math Fun.

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  1. julie says:

    Kids Math and Numbers will keep your children entertained and educated. And is an easy and fun way for kids to learn numbers and build basic math skills.

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