Published On: Wed, Sep 25th, 2013

Top 5 Android Games by which you can easily entertain yourself

You have an android device and still you are getting bored. Now no more bore. Today I am writing an article which tells you about top 5 android games which can easily entertain yourself. These android game apps are most interesting, attractive, colorful, interactive and addictive games app which contains lots of fun. Below is full explanation of top 5 android games app.



Ruzzle is an android game by which you can easily entertain yourself. It’s very interesting and kind of brain type game. You need to focus your full mind while playing. You can also compete with your friends or can have match with your friends. Ruzzle consists of attractive animations and interactive audio sounds which influence one to play the game. In this game you need to play matches in three rounds. The one with highest score will be the winner. This game can be played in different languages such as German, Spanish and Italian etc.

Download Ruzzle from Google Play



It is very interesting, entertaining and juicy game. This game has 3 different mode such as classic, arcade and Zen. You can choose according to yourself which mode you want to play. Fruit ninja is addictive and colorful game. What you have to do in this game is just cut as many fruits you can by touching your finger on the screen of your device.Fruit ninja include so many amazing things such as unlockable blades, power ups and etc.

Download Fruit Ninja from Google Play



This game is like jumping jack with lots of fun and its super easy to play. The background music of this game is very- very fascinating. The way of playing this game is so simple. This game contains 90 engrossing level. You have to complete all the levels one by one. It contains clear picture with so many tricks. When you make your skater boy jump in the air it gets extra points. As much as more points you collect you will win the game. While playing game you have to do is just run and jump the skater boy from the hurdles on the road and win the points.

Download Skater Boy from Google Play



Unicorn run is also a most entertaining, interesting and addictive game. This game is like running game. In this game you just have to run the unicorn as faster as you can by jumping it from obstacles on the way. This game is available free on Google play shop. You can make your unicorn jump, fly or run whatever you want to clear all the levels effectively.

Download Unicorn Run from Google Play



One of the simple and quick winning game. Jewels star is very cute game. For clearing all the levels you have to do is match 3 or more identical jewels. This android game contains around 350 levels and 8 attractive scenes. Some of the interesting feature of this app is that there are different-different kinds of jewels such as timing jewel which can increase your playing time, lightening jewel etc.

Download Jewels Star from Google Play

Let us know what do you think my my games list, is there any other game you want us to add in this list, drop your comments…

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