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Top 7 Best Free Education Android Apps of 2012

These days it is almost impossible to get your education without the use of internet technology. Even though you will be able to do the relevant research through the use of library resources, the most up to date information would most likely be online. Apart from research purposes Android applications are developed to simplify learning for the average student. There are a variety of Andriod applications available to assist the learner in educating themselves, from quiz apps to planning your study routine; Andriod Apps are the new tutors. Download the below apps for your android phone.

Top 7 Best Free Education Android Apps of 2012

AnyMemo Free: Flash Card Study

This application is created to improve your memorizing skills. AnyMemo’s software consists of a flash card learning system that works just like normal flash-cards would. The application does not feature additional advertisements so you won’t get distracted and can focus on the task at hand. AnyMemo has a ‘Text-to-Speech’, MP3, OGG and WAV function. The application allows you to download various topics and languages to study and these uploads and downloads can be made from your Dropbox folder. If you want this application to feature as a widget.
Download AnyMemo Free: Flash Card Study – Google Play Store Link

Version : 9.1.2
Android 1.6 +


The name of this Andriod application is pretty self-explanatory as its function is to help you with the organization of your homework. HomeWork and TimeTable will assists you in managing your workload and create a timetable and study routine for those specific tasks. The application consists of a Main Menu, List of Homework assignments that the learner still has ‘to do’, a list of exam dates, timetable for the day, and timetable for the week. The learner can be specific regarding each task and define exactly what needs to be done. This is a great application for those needing assistance in their management skills.

Download HomeWork Android App free – Google Play Store Link

Version : 7.1
Android 2.1 +


Find yourself wanting to learn more languages but not sure how? This free Android application consists of 30 lesson to help you learn a variety of languages. These lessons consist of the basic vocabulary of 50 different languages that will enable you to speak fluently in ‘real-life’ situations. The audio and text function makes for effective learning. You can also visit the website to view download lessons and find more languages.

Download 50Languages Android app free – Google Play Store Link

Version : 4.6
Android 1.6 +

MapMaster – Geography game

If you need some help to map things out, think of MapMaster as your geography assistant. The application is based on GPS coordinates of locations and will display the real distance between your indicated locations. MapMasters challenges allows for interactive learning and the offline map will show you beautiful geography with zoom options.  The geography game allows you to pin point certain countries, states and cities and if you are correct you will be scored accordingly. Play online and compete against the rest of the world.

Download MapMaster Android app (Rs 50, 1$)  – Google Play Store Link

Version : 4.1.1
Android 1.6 +


When you are in learning institution it is very important to have clear communication with your students as well as your learners. Shy students or busy teachers might miss out on these communication opportunities and this is where Edmodo comes in.  The free android application connects the students and teachers on a platform where they can share information and questions. Students/learners can use their Andriod phones to send notes to each other, check on school related activities and post replies to group discussions and questions.

Download Edmodo Free Android app  – Google Play Store Link

Version : 2.4
Android 2.2 +

Teacher Aide Lite – Free

The Teacher Aide Lite won the prize for the Best Android Teacher App in 2011 and it’s going nowhere in 2012. The application has a demo version for first time users so that they can test out the software and features. The application will help teachers keep track of it all, from class attendance to grading records. The Lite version allows the teacher to test the application on 5 students per class before upgrading to the Pro version.

The Android application has great features including importing student names via CVS, one click generator for ‘random’ student selection, one click text to parents, generate PDF files, Print reports directly from application etc. The Teacher Aide Lite and Pro is a must have for organized and influential teachers.

Download Teacher Aide Lite  Free Android app  – Google Play Store Link

Version : 1.73
Android 2.2 +


For students seeking inspiration for their next research assignment or lecturers looking for a trending topic for their lesson plays, the TED Andriod application is a ‘must-have’ for your digital learning. The TED application shows you talks and presentations from some of the top people in their particular fields of expertise. Choose from talks in the lines of education, tech, medicine, music, business and more!
These Andriod application are just a few of the dozens created to support students and teachers in the education sector to make the best of their lessons/studies.
Download TED Free Android app  – Google Play Store Link

Version : 1.1.5
Android 2.1 +

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